Sunday, June 27, 2010

JUHU GERMANY!!!!!! 4-1 against England. I will say that I think it's too bad that Endland didn't get that deserved goal, but in the end it didn't make the difference. So congratulations Germany, I am excited for whats coming!

Friday, June 25, 2010

For the time being, in English


So, I changed my mind for the time being. No more bilingual for a while. I've decided that it keeps me from posting because the most time is spent translating it and I feel bad that people who actually take the time to follow my blog aren't getting posts (Sorry!). Since it was more of a luxury anyways, it can be taken away for a while until I have more time again (haha, yea right, like that will ever happen).

I just got home from a day in the library. I hadn't really studied there the whole semester because I needed my skeleton at home and my personal library of books and I didn't want to lug them back and forth all the time. A few days ago I had my elective class which takes place in the hospital so I left a bit earlier and studied in the library again, it was so nice that I decided to power it through until this semester is over and spend more time there.

Let me catch up on what has gone on in the last 8 weeks or so. My weeks are about the same every time. I wake up, go to lecture, go home and study until lunch, eat lunch with friends, cadavers class for 2.5 hours, eat dinner and study until I can't anymore, sleep. The funny thing before my second oral exam was that a few days before the exam I was weirdly relaxed. I had studied so much that I felt I could answer anything. Some of my friends had this weird relaxation feeling as well. The weekend before the exam we even took an ice cream break and enjoyed the weather a bit. The exam itself was great. The professor asked fair questions and I walked out of there with the 5 points that I wanted.

The next day in cadavers class, we knew that there was absolutely no time to relax anymore and that the next 4 weeks would be H-E- double hockey sticks. I think it is absurd to expect people to learn the complete Anatomy of the head, neck, skull and neuroanatomy! I am afraid that a lot of the information will just slip right into my short term memory. For the past exams I studied the material until I understood it so that it wouldn't just be memorized. I am trying really hard to do that now but feel that the time is just not enough. I don't understand what the university is thinking while expecting us to do so. Don't they want us to really understand what we are learning, don't they want us to stand in the operation room later on and actually know what we are cutting into, don't they want us to be great doctors? Especially with something like anatomy which is the basics of being a doctor!?!? Well, I can't change it now and will just have to get as much done as possible. I won't lie though, my life is stressful. My best friend is studying law and her life isn't all sunshine and butterflies either. We skyped about a week ago and just bawled our eyes out to one another. There are people who are on the outside and don't understand what we are up against and go and say stupid stuff which just upsets us.  I sent her chocolate the next day and I received some 2 days later. That is what best friends are for.

Even with all the stress, I have had some moments of fun. For instance, there is a thing called Teddy-bear hospital. The concept is from some scandenavian country and its goal is to rid children of their fear of doctors and hospitals. Med students are the doctors and kids come from the local kindergartens to the hospital with their stuffed animals. Our set up had 10 check up stations equipped with just about everything you would find in a regular check up room. We would take one of the children from the waiting area and then check out their animals. I had many come to me with broken limbs, belly aches, coughing, etc. I even had a complete body break, all the bones were broken and according to the kid, so was the stomach! Oh, and both ears, as if they didn't belong to the body :)  One child came to me and I asked what was wrong with the teddy-bear, the answer.....coughing and cancer! I told the child that we would first take a good look at everything before to quickly saying it had cancer. After checking everything and asking the kid about the teddy's habits, I found out that the teddy ate a lot of chips and watched TV all day. I told the child that the bear didn't have cancer but felt so sick because it wasn't living a very healthy life and that it should exercise more and eat a lot of fruits and veggies. We also had an x-ray area with pre-taken x-rays of teddy-bears with coins or screws in the stomach. There was also an operation room where the med students wore operation gear and had all the utensils. Additionally, there was a dentist area and pharmacy. It was so much fun and a nice break from the studying.

For those who might not be the biggest soccer fans, I am sure you know the World Cup is taking place in South Africa at the moment. I have only watched three games so far and those of course being the German games. I can't allow myself to take anymore time off for more games considering they all take at least 2 hours. So far I have always been to public viewings which are a lot of fun. Now Germany is into the next round and their next game is Sunday.

My whole family is in Germany at the moment. I spent some time with my Dad, Max (younger brother) and Karoline (younger sister) when they were the first to arrive in Gö. My mom went directly to her parent's place so I have't seen her yet. Fran (older sister) arrived on Tuesday and I hung out with her for a while and watched the game on Wednesday. This Monday I am off to Stade for my grandma's 80th birthday. It is a bit stressful for me to travel there and back in one day but I got a good seat on the train so I will be able to study while on my way. I am a bit sad that I don't have more time for them but I can't make my grandma change her birthday!

I got my confirmation for my internship this summer yesterday. I will be on the general surgery department for 3 weeks and then on the new born floor for the last 3 weeks. It should be so much more interesting than my last internship since I will have a knowledge of all the anatomy!

Alrighty, my last oral exam is on the 6th of July and my final written exam on the 8th. Until then I will be living in the library again :)

I leave you know with an interesting fact I read today: The cerebellum (little brain) has more neurons than the cerebrum (big brain)!!! It is super important for motor movements. 


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Whooo-hooooo 5 Punkte!

Hey Y'all,

Sorry that I haven't posted. I am super duper busy but wanted to check in real quick and let you know that I had my second spoken exam yesterday and got......da-da-da-da 5 POINTS! Now I have to hit the books even harder than before to get through Neuroanatomy in 4 weeks and review all that stuff I learned in the past 10 weeks. Soccer may be over tomorrow if the boys don't win but I hope they do. Other than that, partying last night was so much fun! 


Tut mir echt leid dass meine Posts so wenig sind in letzer Zeit. Ich habe im Moment so viel zu tun. Wollte aber mit teilen dass ich gestern mein zweites Testat hatte und 5 PUNKTE geholt habe! Jetzt muss ich aber noch viel mehr lernen da ich Neuroanatomie in 4 Wochen lernen muss und alles von den letzten 10 Wochen. Fußball mit den Jungs könnte morgen vorbei sein sollten sie nicht gewinnen, was ich natürlich nicht hoffe. Sonst war feiern gestern genial, ich hatte echt total viel spaß. Und wer feiern kann muss auch arbeiten können und deshalb begebe ich mich jetzt zu meinem Trepel (Neuro Lehrbuch).