Thursday, September 15, 2011

Vorklinik is officially OVER!

Hey Everyone! Its over! Has been for about 2 weeks now. The end result was amazing. The last few weeks of MediLearn just started being daily life. I got so used to working all day. Once the whole thing was over and the day came to write the exam...I felt nothing! Absolutely no adrenaline. None. I went in there and just worked my way through the 160 questions. I didn't even really have a different feeling going out of it which kind of upset me. I had hoped that the adrenaline would have kicked in because I feel that this is a vital part of such an important exam. On the other hand, I had been studying my butt off the past few months and I had the feeling that I was prepared. Of course I didn't know everything but you can't study for every last protein or enzyme there is. We were able to put our results in on the internet and the results were compared to the answers of all the other students that added their results giving us an estimation of what our score could be. As the day went on, MediLearn posted their answers. For the first day I most likely have a 2 (equaling a B) which was what I wanted. The second day wasn't any different on the adrenaline level. However, I was done after about 1.5 hours and spent the rest of the time drawing. I could have left but then I would have had to give up my answer sheet and pick it up later again. Since I wanted to wait for my friend anyways and wasn't going to start studying anymore on that day I had nothing better to do. I went home after the exam and put my answers in the internet. Again, most likely a 2! I was so bored and didn't know what to do with myself and was very happy when a friend of mine asked if I wanted to go to the pool with him. It was nice laying in the sun for a while.
The next week consisted of studying for the oral exam giving each subject two days. The day of the oral my adrenaline gland finally decided to do something. We got our histology glass plates and got to look at it under the microscope for 15 minutes. The next 4 hours was just sitting there and waiting to be asked. Since I was the first one to be asked I always had an hour between the subjects. They usually were quick hours because I was waiting for the next subject but once I was all done I had to sit through another hour which took forever. End result....1..!!!! We were a bit shocked when they told us but overly happy. To be fair, they did ask some really tough questions (even admitting that themselves) but we also rocked it. 
The next day I was cleaning and packing and then the next day I was on my way to my grandmas house so I never had a minute to just breathe. The next morning I flew home with a friend and spent the last 10 days shoving America down her throat. Today was my first day since the monster that is Physikum is over. In the end it wasn't a big deal. If the rules that I have heard are true my final score will be a 1 (=A) which would be fabulous. Now I am going to sit back and relax for the next few weeks doing things I like to do :)