Monday, July 25, 2011

9 Days MediLearn In

 So I have to make a little correction to the last post. I only have the course for 5 weeks and 1 day. Not 7 weeks. 

Anyways. Today was our last physiology lecture day. This concludes the section for physiology and physics with a practice exam tomorrow morning with 80 questions. Since I have been answering 80 questions every night, it really shouldn't be a big deal. Through all the different mediums of exam questions, a lot were either very similar questions if not exactly the same so I am guessing my score kept getting better in part due to that.

I really don't have much else to say. The lecturers are all pretty good. In the end, it is mostly all review. I am hardly learning anything new. Its more of a better understanding of somethings after having had all the classes over the 2 years.

On my free day, I went grocery shopping with one of my girl friends and then went clothes shopping with a guy friend. His girlfriend came too. End result: I got a nice pair of jeans, 2 tops and a pair of shoes. He got a sweet pair of jeans and shoes.

Physikum isn't as scary as it was at the beginning of the last semester but I only have 9 of 36 days behind me. Who knows how much is going to still be stuck in my head by the time the real deal rolls.

Monday, July 18, 2011


Hi Friends!

So I finished the fourth semester succussfully. The last few weeks were spent almost exclusively in the library in my little study box. In between I had to teach English and still had my cadavers job. Once the biochemistry exam was written, I got to see my dad. He had been in Denmark for a week with relatives and was then in Gö to visit me and be there for my concert that night. A bunch of my friends showed up as well to watch me play. :) 
We had two weeks "off". I didn't really do any studying in the first week. Rather, I got things done that were always on my mind but things I just didn't have time for. My roommate was gone for 2 weeks. To show him that he shouldn't leave me like that, I took pictures with our skeletons doing things around the house such as baking, cleaning and decorating. I started studying a bit in the second week. 
Two days ago the MediLearn curse started. The first day was an introduction at 10am with tips and tricks. At 2pm we took an exam that took 4 hours to see where we stood. I did pretty well. Better than I thought I would. But a lot of details are missing in my brain somewhere.
Yesterday we had 5 hours of physics. The curse goes for 7 weeks non-stop except for 3 days "off" in between there somewhere. The daily plan looks as follows:
8:30-13:00 Lecture
Daily Exam containing 20 questions to the day's topic
Study and review daily scripts 
Night exam with 80 questions 
If time is left over (haha hardly) there are 100 extra questions to answer.

And that every day unless we have a practice test of a block of lectures.

In the end it should be helpful to make this Physikum thing work. It doesn't scare me as much as it did at the beginning of the semester.

An go!