Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Why hello world! Coming to you live from my desk......super exciting, right?!

Well, this is were you will find me for the most part until October....oh yes, its medical-board-exam-double-whammy-preparation-study-marathon-time (German and American). Can I get a Whoot-Whoot?!!.....understandable.

As promised, a quick look at my life since Africa:

What I've noticed since coming back from Africa:
-hot water...running water...from a faucet. I smile almost every time.
-I've become more conscious about my water use
-I really miss fried plantains
-I'm not constantly sweating
-my social program has dwindled comparatively
-my hair isn't a constant frizz ball

On a more serious note:
-the situations I experienced in the hospital really make me appreciate our level of care in Germany
-the first person died to whom I contributed a minor part of their treatment
-I saved a life which I am pretty sure would not have been fought for as much as I did in that moment
-the cultural differences have sunken in more, especially after retelling my experiences multiple times (when you live it, you may not notice the differences as strongly as being back in your normal environment and trying people about it)
-I definitely want to go back and help/learn/experience more
-I am thankful to each and every person there that made my experience what it was
-With the current Ebola crisis happening in parts of Africa, I can't imagine what it must be like for the health care providers and patients there and send them all the strength I telepathically am able to.

Since coming back, I completed my last semester of regular medical school. We had a little celebration after the last exam.

I flew to Miami for a bit over a week. I spent all day studying the packets for the MediLearn preparation course......and spent all night living it up in the various clubs with all my great friends there. Big shout out to my fabulous host!

I flew from Miami to New York City to meet up with my agent/second mother/party buddy. I helped her manage the talent we had competing in the IMTA competitions there. It was me jumping back into the other world I so gladly walk through when I'm not in my medical world. Got the rest of the packets read through as well.

I've been back here in G-town the 2.5 weeks. The prep course started the day I got back. Basically we have 4.5 hour lectures every morning, take a small day-topic-related exam, study the packet, and then answer about another 100 questions. That all takes the most part of the rest of the day.

It was a bit of a struggle the first few days. Getting used to the routine and the fact that it just must be done and I can't go travel and play took a while getting used to.....still not really used to it. I try to live in the moment and not think about the fact that this is my routine, day in and day out, until October. Every 6 days or so we a get a day off.

I don't ever really know what day of the week it is (let alone the day of the month....psssh, nope). The only important day to know is Sunday. I always have class on Saturday and Sunday so that's not really a help. Its important to know though since all stores are closed on Sunday in Germany.

The past week, my aunt and uncle have given me a car to drive. I've been driving out to their place to study and relax a bit everyday since. It definitely helps with the monotone hospital to apartment mode. Probably the most positive of the aspect that I am "stuck" in G-town is that I get to see them so much.

None the less, I am planning on what to do with my few weeks of vacation after the exam almost everyday.

Hope everyone out there is healthy and happy. With all the chaos going on in the world (I decided to watch the news once and was devastated by all the hate and killing I saw) and people passing from illness (physical and mental)....its more important than ever to try to be happy, healthy and love one another and help others in need.

That said, till next time