Tuesday, February 22, 2011

3rd Semester....check

Hey everyone!

Guess whos on break......I am. In fact, I have been in the states for the last 1.5 weeks. The original purpose was to renew my passport which ended up not happening due to formalities. Regardless, I had a terrific time back home. I saw all my college buddies and a few from High School. I went and talked to the High School Anatomy class about my life. That was not my initial intention. I wanted to hear what they were doing and thought I might talk about myself for 10 minutes tops....but after all of their questions...I talk the entire hour! The students in the class were all seniors which makes them my frosh. If I come back next year, I won't know a single soul anymore and will feel really old.

Even in my breaks I am not totally away from school. I have some pages to read about Sexual Medicine for my psychology class and have to write a report about my shadowing in the ER with my Dad. I'll admit I've only read about 5 pages on the sexual medicine and haven't written a sentence yet for my shadowing report.

Just to finish up last semester:

I passed Physiology nicely. The exam wasn't terrible. Physiology is actually really cool because you learn so much about how your body works. Once that exam was taken, we all had to start with Histology. We had about 4.5 days to get as much histology in our heads as possible. I set up a learning schedule on the first day and actually stuck to it. I met up with Toni every day to go over things. The exam went great as well. So all in all, the really long studying hours paid off. I wouldn't say that this semester was as stressful as the last (anatomy) but it was right up there with it. Mostly that is my fault for adding so many extra things to my schedule. I don't regret it though. The elective anatomy class was definitely an experience and I learned to view the human body more precisely. I like teaching English to the MTA students and being an anatomy TA was probably the most fun. I heard from my roommate that he heard that the firsties really liked my anatomy demonstrations which make me really happy.

This next semester will be packed with biochemistry, being a cadavers anatomy TA, teaching English, orchestra, student body government and review seminars for the first Med Exam. But before that happens, there is still a lot of traveling happening. To get the details, check out my travel blog


Check back after March 28th for new updates about my quest to becoming a life saver ;)