Sunday, October 18, 2009

Orientation Week

I survived. I survived the last four days of partying. Orientation week is so much different in Germany than it was in the States. At UW (okay I will admit I was in Europe the whole summer where events were taking place) I went and signed up for classes and learned how to use my student account. Here in Germany, it is one big drinking party. The first event I went to was our greeting meeting. The Anatomy building is 2 houses away from my apartment. Once I arrived at the building (it was 10AM) I was given a beer and a sticker was put on me that claimed that I belonged to a certain group. A different girl came and ripped the sticker off my jacket and told me to come to her group instead. It is a good thing I did. After the infos and introduction we went on with group competitions. I was in my skivvies three times for extra points for our group. The next day we were informed that our group had won. The last four days have been filled with parties, hanging with new people and the occasional hour of sleep. Today I am chilling (almost forced into doing so because my muscles are aching from exercising). Tomorrow we have our last day of orientation meetings and then Tuesday it all starts. I am going to go donate blood before heading to the Anatomy building for the meeting.

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