Sunday, February 22, 2015

Week 13/14: Cape Town, South Africa! I'm in love with this place!

Cape Town was AMAZING!! Guys, it was so much fun and its such a beautiful city and country!

So, I fly to Cape Town to visit a long time friend of mine. She was there with some more Germans and they knew more Germans so I primarily spoke German. I had 8 complete days there and they were packed with activities. Even though we hardly had down time, I still feel like I haven't even seen the beginning of all the things you can do there!

The weather was sunny almost all the time and hot! I highly suggest a visit there around this time of the year. Since this isn't a travel blog, I won't go into great detail about all the places we went and all the yummy restaurants we visited but rather, I show some pictures in the hopes that you can get a sense of how great the place is!

Stellenbosch: Tokara Wineyard, one of very many in the area

Table Mountain and Lions Head

Ocean View

Chapman's Peak

African Penguins in Boulders near Simon's Town

World of Birds: My monkey friends and I

Got a bit of inspiration for drawings

Big Bay: Red Bull's "King of the Air" Kite boarding competition


We hiked up Lion's Head and the view was lovely

Probably my favorite of all. Table Mountain seen from Lion's Head

Lion's Head

Clifton Beach 1

The sunsets were the most beautiful I've ever seen

Cape Town, I'm in love with you :)

Reluctantly, I returned to Germany. I woke up the first morning at 5:30 again to get a round of studying in before work. Might as well get back to my normal routine as quickly as possible. I shadowed the consultations again on Thursday. Friday I hung around the outpatient department and tried to see new things here and there. The consultant working the department that day was really helpful. He had me watch different diagnostic procedures and then made me explain them to him.

I learned how a cystomanometry works. It used different pressure detectors and measures while the patient has their bladder filled with fluid and is then asked to either hold it or void. In doing so, we can interpret if the bladder is overactive, if the patient is using their abs instead of their bladder muscle and so on.

I watched a prostate punch biopsies being taken. It sounds and looks more painful than the patients make it appear to be. The biopsies are then looked at for prostate cancer.

There were a few cystoscopies performed which I watched.

My free time back home was then mostly spent with studying and editing. Now my music selection has a few songs that remind me of Cape Town and my tan that compliments my lab coat well. Already looking forward to the next travel oppurtunity!

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