Saturday, May 9, 2015

Week 25: On the plus side, we have great conversations......

I'm really trying to find something to write about for this past week. In a nutshell: train strikes, rounds, talk, eat, prepare patient presentation, present, attend lecture, get home later than usual.

The German train conductors went on strike for a whole week. This meant that almost all fast trains and many regional trains were cancelled. As you can imagine (if you yourself aren't in Germany and already dealing with it anyways), this caused quite a few problems for anyone trying to go anywhere. For me, it meant leaving the train station 5 minutes later but arriving in Hildesheim 40 minutes later than usual. I usually wasn't changed and ready to go on the ward until 8:50. Getting home was the same situation. It wasn't terrible but it also wasn't as fun as just hopping on one train and being there in half an hour. 

The surgery schedule was fuller than it was last week and the nurse who's job it is to hold hooks during the operation was there so us interns were a bit jobless. I spent the majority of the week just chatting about everything and anything with the doctor, my friend started her general surgery rotation week this past week so we were always a gang of three women. 

We went on rounds everyday with either an attending or the chief on Tuesday. Since we had to prepare to present the patients for the next days operation this week, I felt like I knew so much more about the patients than in the past few weeks. 

 the city I work in turns 1200 years old this year

I helped clean a few wounds and renew the bandages. I successfully placed a few more lines. It's becoming less and less of a big deal to place them. 

Beyond that and eating long lunches......I didn't really do much. I even brought a text book with me on Friday so I could at least look at examining patients in theory. 

The doctor said that she'd love to have more tasks for us but that they just didn't exist.

We definitely learned a thing or two about department politics this week considering there was enough time for the doctors to rant about others. 

Sorry I couldn't make that post more interesting. As a compensation, I will post about the exiting things I'm up to this coming week next week! So it'll be a little excurse into a travel post and not medical post but hopefully I'll have fun stuff to tell. And real doctors go on vacation I guess it fits somewhat. I'm currently at the airport in Frankfurt and will be enroute to EGYPT in about two hours! I've wanted to visit Egypt since my childhood. I was fascinated by the ancient Egyptian mythology and the ancient Egyptian culture. I'm so fortunate to have people there waiting to show me their country. Next week, I'll share with you! Have a great week everyone and stay healthy!


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