Sunday, July 12, 2015

Week 33: No, I'm not a junkie, I'm a medical student.

No, I'm not a junkie. Yes, I know my arms look like I might be. 

It was another fast week in the hospital. This was mostly due to me cramming my days full with things to do after work.

At work, I sacrificed my beautiful veins for the greater good of our elective student's education again. This time he successfully placed a line on my right arm, tried drawing blood from my right hand but the vein busted and then successfully drew blood from my left elbow. A few days later, a couple of nursing students were being told how to theoretically draw blood with their supervisor until I interrupted and motivated a few men to let them practice drawing blood on their veins and mine. Medicine is a team sport. It's way less nerve wrecking to draw blood from someone with good veins and who offers and can handle you drawing blood slowly than going to an elderly patient with terrible veins and being expected to make it work on the first try. The chief found out about my little event and was rather impressed/amazed by the whole thing. 

The elective student started drawing the blood instead of the nurses so that he could practice. Often, he would come get me to come help him out. In all cases but one, I was able to help him. There was one patient we spent quite some time with. The student came and got me and upon entering the patients room, introduced me as the expert. The male patient turned around, looked at me and exclaimed, "and a beautiful expert at that!" Lol. Elderly men are so uncensored. I kindly smiled and proceeded to try to draw blood. Apparently, looks are no measure for blood drawing skills. The student had already tried one of the patient's best veins so I didn't have that one to use. Multiple attempts with all my tricks in the bag weren't successful (I refrained from asking the patient to take off his shoes so I could try from his feet.....although it wouldn't have been the first time for me). The nurse that is usually responsible for drawing blood came and was successful. 

Other than drawing blood and having blood drawn, we did our usual rounds. I did the admission history taking and physical examinations for our new patients. The rest of the time was spent reading up on cardiology. 

I went to my friends bridal dress fitting with her on Wednesday. She looks amazing and I am so excited for the wedding next month! 
So many dresses!

I spent Thursday evening in the lab. We are getting a new camera installed next week. Supposedly it'll have 4x the resolution. Exciting! seriously, that really excites me. I'm a nerd. I know. 

Friday, I left work and took the train to Hamburg. One of my colleagues from the urology department invited me to his alma mater's graduation ball. Saturday morning, I met up with a friend for brunch before exploring Hamburg a bit with the urologist and then attending the ball at night. It was so much fun! I knew no one except the guy I went with and two of his friends. I ended up meeting some really fun people and had great conversations. Sunday, I stopped by my grandma's for a few hours.
5k run along the Elbe in Hamburg

Ready for the ball!

Flowers & Bubbly

One more week of cardiology ahead of me and then it's a week of vacation! 

Stay healthy!


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