Sunday, January 18, 2015

Week 9: Study, work, little sleep, repeat.

To sum up my last week: work, study, little sleep, drinks, science, boots.

I can't really keep my days straight. Nothing extraordinarily exciting happened patient wise. I spent my evenings studying and when I was fed up that the results were not that great after a 10 hour work day, I went to bed at 10 pm and got up at 4 am on Thursday to study before going to work. 

Tuesday was such a lovely day outside! There was real, full on sun! We didn't have any coffee pads left on the ward for our coffee machine in the doctors office and I had all my immediate tasks completed, so I told the doctors I would be more than happy to walk to the nearby grocery store and buy some. Thank you coffee addiction! The doctors gave me some cash and I was able to enjoy a few minutes in the full on sun! In a t-shirt! The other pedestrians looked at me a bit weird but that temperature and weather is great weather for Wisconsin standards. 

Saturday wasn't much different for the first half. Library from 8am till 3pm. Afterwards, I met a friend for coffee and then attended the Night of Knowledge. This night takes place in many big german cities and it was the second year in my city. The while city is involved. My main visitation sites where the hospital (go figure) and the northern campus (chemistry, physics, astrophysics, Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research). The urology department and a few others had a stand with two models of the DaVinci robot for interested future surgeons and video game enthusiasts alike. The bulk of my time was spent on the north campus though.

I heard a lecture from Jens Frahm (important in the development of the MRI) about the newest developments in MRI technology. He showed us some cool videos of real time images. I've had a real time MRI done of my heart (I really need to get those images). Afterwards, I listened to a lecture about astronomy in South Africa. I really love astronomy and could listen to lectures about the topic all day. My aunt and uncle met up with me and went back to the hospital. I helped the visitors use the DaVinci. Although it wasn't planed that I even help out, I stayed until 12:45am taking everything apart.

This morning (Sunday), my friend and I left early in the morning to drive to Düsseldorf. After a quick stop at Starbucks (something we don't have in our small town, so every time we are in a larger town we tend to make a stop), we went to a restaurant called Mongo's. It's a Mongolian restaurant where you can put together your own dishes. We ended up eating for three hours. It was so delicious! And since it was mostly vegetables and fruit, I was full but not the completely uncomfortable full you feel after carb binge eating. 

We then headed to our actual reason for being in Düsselfdorf. The boot exhibition. It's a HUGE exhibition that deals with anything body of water related. We spent our time in the scuba divining and yacht exhibition halls. Thought I'd take the biggest yacht (7,000,000€) home with me.... 

Tomorrow it's up and early it continues......

P.S. Recipe: I am always tying new ways to use what is available on the ward to make something delicious. Especially when it's cold outside, I like to make a cup of hot lemon with honey. So this recipe is no rocket science:

Lemon juice (quantity depending on level of preferred tartness)
Honey (quantity dependent on level of preferred sweetness)
Hot water

So simple and yet so very delicious!

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