Wednesday, October 9, 2013

"BAM I got your appendix" Day 3--Social Butterfly

I've been quite the social butterfly today with these few minutes writing the blog being the only ones for myself besides riding my bike back and forth. So please excuse me if I am brief and try to get to bed for some rest.

The day seemed to pass pretty quickly today.

Call time 7AM, morning rounds and then morning meeting. Same old, same old.

I signed up for a 90 minute operation and headed back to the ward.

I started working on the doctor's letter we have to hand in as part of the week's assignments. I picked a case that wasn't too extensive, not wanting to torture someone with my amazing German grammar skills...(not).

I was almost finished when I got called into the OR.

The procedure was putting an ileum conduit back. The conduit was put there after surgery on rectal cancer to allow the new connection created to heal. The little intestine is attached to the outer wall of the stomach with an opening to the outside world where the body's waste can exit. After enough recovery time, the small intestine gets closed back up and mobilised back into the body.

The surgeon operating was below the assistanting surgeon in the hierarchy of the hospital but this was also the surgeon's first operation as main surgeon. Because of the learning process, it took longer than 90 minutes. The attending assisting was funny though. Most of the time serious and watching and advising the other one on what to do but he also made a few jokes. He asked me how tall my boy friend was. I told him he needed to tell me who that might be so I can answer that question for him.

The attending also taught me things during the operation, systematically going through the procedure and other procedures that relate.

After the operation was finally done, I stopped by the urologists quick. A second after I entered the OR, the OR nurse asked me to tie up Dr.H's gown. I helped out with a few other things and joked with my favorite male nurse that I should probably be the one getting his pay check since I was doing his job.

After the operation, Dr.H needed me to untie his gown. I tried to untie the knot I didn't tie until I realized it wasn't the one I tied. He told me that just goes to show that I need more practice in undressing men. I told him I let my men undress themselves. He said that was why the quality in service in that department is going down the drain. Lol. I love urologists.

Back up on the ward, one of the doctors held a lecture/discussion with us. The room already had clay there and molds of operations. We discussed a few and I happily made this little guy while listening:

After that class, we headed to the afternoon meeting and then I was done. I had tea with a friend, then proceeded to go grocery shopping and made dinner for some friends before going out to the main med personal bar for Wednesday nights. I'm spent. If I forgot anything, I'll add tomorrow :)


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