Friday, October 11, 2013

"BAM I got your Appendix!" last day -- So, do you have a windmill?

I definitely woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. It was not my day.

My "I am not amused" face

It started off with the intern not being there again. As it turns out, he had stayed longer on Wednesday, allowing him to take off Thursday and then he used one of his off days today. Essentially giving him a really long weekend and leaving me to get the work done alone. Luckily, Friday's are usually calmer for us students since there aren't a lot of things happening and the doctors have to write a bunch of release letters.

The chief asked us how our week was at the end of the morning meeting. For some reason, I was the only student that opened her mouth and said anything. I told him I enjoyed the week in the department. He inquired as to why. I replied that I felt welcomed and that the team was very friendly.

He proceeded to mention to the whole conglomerate of doctors that he had enjoyed operating with me yesterday and learned a lot from me. (?!)

During his morning rounds on the ward with all of the regular suspects and two more attendings in his entourage, he asked me if we had a wind mill on our farm like in the movies.

We do.

He got all excited again and mentioned the dog and the porch and the Samuel Adams. The other attendings seemed a bit confused. The situation appeared as though cheif and I were total buddy buddies. Not bad I guess, lol. I told him he can stop by. He said he would really love that because he is a huge fan of America.

So Mom and Dad, we might have the chief of general surgery stopping by for a cold Samuel Adam's on the porch with Toby laying by his feet. Just heads up.

At the end of rounds he shook my hand and told me it was a great pleasure having me on the team that week, enjoyed operating with me, I could come back anytime I wanted and even would enjoy having me there for a 1/3 of my internship year. Funny story, that was kind of the plan before even having this week. We shall see.

I won't bore you with all the things that upset me today but it just seemed to all hit today.

One thing needs mentioning however. I was on the ward getting my work done when the intern (that also happens to know me and works in my lab with me) responsible for making sure the ORs have students present called me and asked if I knew where the student was that signed up for the thyroid operation starting in a half an hour. I had not signed up for one today because of my circulatory system not being nice and my stomach being mean. I told him I would run to the other ward and let him know.

In the doctor's room on the other ward, I only found a doctor and no student. He told me the student had gone to eat lunch. Here comes my critic point. If you know you are supposed to be in the OR, you better check the schedule before just frolicking off to lunch.

Since I had talked to the intern, I was in some way responsible for the OR to have a student in half an hour, be it that I find the guy or that I have to go myself. Any other day I wouldn't mind operating but today was not my kind of day. So I preceded to walk from one far end of the hospital to the other to find this guy. I hadn't really paid attention during the week and didn't remembered what he looked like so I was going off of a hunch. I looked through the cafeteria and restaurant but found no one that fit the image in my mind.

Back on the ward (and exhausted from climbing 6 flights of stairs because the elevators where taking forever and I was working against the clock AND had just gotten news from a friend which led to personal stress), I only found the same doctor that had been there. I asked if the guy had left a number or something to reach him by. "Yes he did. It's right there on the table." Well thanks for nothing sir! You could have told me that the first time I was here telling you I was looking for him!

I talked to the guy and told him he needed to be in the OR in 15 minutes. He said he would head there. As soon as I got back onto my ward, Dr.L said the OR called for me and that I should head into OR09. I told her I JUST spoke to the guy and he is on his way. Not even 3 minutes later, I get called on my phone by the intern telling me I had to go to the OR. I told him the same thing I told Dr.L. But if for any reason he shouldn't be there in the next 5 minutes, he should call me again and I would go. Luckily, that call never came.

So at this point in my day, my blood pressure was probably around 190/110 and a pulse rate of 120. I sat in the doctor's room and tried to calm down.

I hate when people make insignificant things to huge issues. Stop it.

I had an evaluation talk with Dr.L about my week and my doctor release letter and happily received an "A" for the week.

The afternoon meeting was an hour earlier and quite short since it was Friday.

I went home and tried to come back to a normal state of mind. My 1.5 hour nap helped.

I spent the evening hanging out with some friends, eating good Italian food and drinking good Italian Chianti wine. These are the moments that are priceless after an exhausting week, professionally and personally.

I really did like the team and am excited to see if I will be doing my internship there as well. I still am sticking to Urology over all though. However, one year of residency in America will be general surgery so it's good to work on my skills in that department.

Next week I will be in the Lab. That was it then. My semester starts the week after that.

Not enough interesting things happen to keep a blog working on a regular basis. However, I have a week long Neurology internship sometime in November I believe. I'll report what happens then when the time comes. Hope I could entertain you a bit during my semester with stories from my life and would love to welcome you here again once interesting things happen. Thanks so much for reading. It is very much appreciated! Stay healthy!

Baci, V

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