Tuesday, July 16, 2013

"Turn your head and cough, please!" Day 2

Today really was a day of standing around and waiting for something to happen.

Once again I started off on the ward at 7AM for rounds. This time we actually got through them on time. The morning meeting was a nice and relaxed atmosphere (I've sat in way worse). We were done by 8 and had a 15 minute break before we had to attend an hour long hygiene seminar.

I thought it was being held by a hygiene person from the hospital so I removed all my jewelery just in case. It turned out to be a seminar by one of the attendings responsible for hygiene in the department so I probably could have skipped taking out my nose ring. Oh well. (they are actually allowed, FYI, but I didn't know how picky the person might end up being).

Once again there wasn't much happening on the ward. I was however given the task of measuring the residual urine of one of our patients. This ultrasound is done after the patient pees to see how much urine stays in the bladder (large amounts of residual urine are the perfect growing grounds for bacteria and can lead to urinary tract infections which can be dangerous in men with all the anatomical structures hanging out around the bladder.) My patient was just fine though.

With no more tasks to perform on the ward I headed down to the clinic. The OR only had two operations happening. The varicocele operation unfortunately didn't take place. The other one was a one-man-job and the last was a renal gland removal and all the good spots where taken by residents :( Luckily, smaller operations where being performed in the outpatient department and I was able to watch a ureteric stent being inserted and a kidney stone removal. The stone was too big to pull out whole so the doctor had to break it up before removing it. It looked like a fun operation to perform. (breaking things for a good cause is always fun!) And here a sneak peak at the radiological version of a statement necklace:

There weren't very many patients for us electives to examine but any eligible patient had to deal with us first. I took a few histories and even did the kidney and bladder ultrasounds, printed out the pictures and discussed my findings with the doctor. I was quite proud of myself that the ultrasound pictures turned out so nice.

Since I hate standing around doing nothing (especially when I have a million and one other things that need to be done) I was constantly looking for work to do, reading files and even organized a room for us electives to practice ultrasound on each other. I present to you, my bladder:

After a few hours I headed back up to the ward to see if anything could be done. Sadly nothing. So I decided to go to the lab and at least get a bit of work done on my doctor thesis.

I am not giving up hope that it won't get more exciting the more I know. My plan is to be really aggressive with the doctors and force them to let me do things or explain things to me. I've got some papers to read packed for tomorrow just in case.

Hopefully I'll have better stories to tell tomorrow. Sorry :/

Baci, V

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