Monday, July 29, 2013

"Turn your head and cough, please!" Day 9- off with his head! ( least his hat)

Snip, snip, snip!

It's finally my operation week!

Get 'er done!

I watched four procedures.

-A cystoscopy (looking at the bladder with a camera) was done before a 

-colonoscopy (looking at the large intestine with a camera) on the same patient

-a nephrectomie, due to a tumor the whole kidney had to be removed. I got to hold hooks but not much more because another assistant was there as well.

-a circumcision on a grown man.....and I got to help! The doctor did the snipin and I did the stitchin! I love that Dr.H let's me sew up in his surgeries. 

All of these things with set up and take down lasted from 8AM to 1:30PM. 

After that I headed into the lab and worked with my attending professor for a few hours on the fluorescence microscope.

Tomorrow is supposed to be a packed schedule including the DaVinci system! So basically the doctor plays a video game on a console while a robot operates. I'm excited to see it happen. Full report tomorrow!

Baci, V

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