Thursday, July 25, 2013

"Turn your head and cough, please!" Day 7

Well, it was another day of looking for things to look at and do. Nothing as shocking as penis piercings today. But I did find a Playboy booklet with the best 500 playboy jokes. The other elective was reading it but I will grab it tomorrow and see what I can find ;)

The morning meeting was brief and after the doctors' "lung therapy" I was upstairs in outpatient care again.

Destroy it!
A pretty cool thing I did see today was a PCNL aka percutaneous nephrolithotomy. Basically the patient has a kidney stone that is too big or to risky to pull out through the ureter. If you YouTube pcnl you'll find a video with some dramatic music showing the process. (Someone actually sat down and put that music to that video footage. Cracks me up.) Once you have access to the kidney, the stone gets crushed with ultrasound waves. I imagine it being more fun to do than to watch. Someday.

"Oh I'm sorry for wanting to get something done around here......NOT!"
Other than that I helped out with the outpatient appointments. I even got a bit of an attitude from one of the nurses because I decided on my own to go in and take the patient's history for Dr.W. I came out of the room looking for him and the nurse just gave me a bitchy look and told me I was the cause of confusion because they thought another doctor was working with me since Dr.W. didn't know why I was in the room. I instantly felt bad because honestly, I am rightfully a little afraid of nurses with bad attitudes. Instantly I apologized to Dr.W. for the confusion and explained that I was merely doing him a favor in taking the history. He didn't really seem to care that I had done so and had taken a smoking break. So sassy miss nurse decided to spread a bad energy just for the heck of it.

Writing doctory
I ended up being asked to write the doctor's letter for the patient again. I told Dr.W off the bat that he better give me more than 10 minutes to get it written and proof read. I know it sounds silly, especially when you hear me speak German but German grammar is extremely difficult. Even the other elective that looked at my letter had some issues. In the end Dr.W was actually quite pleased with the contents of the letter but changed a lot to sound more "doctory".

After all the regular patients were seen I headed into the lab to get some work done.

Tomorrow is a pretty busy OR day so I might hop in here and there depending on what is happening in outpatient. :)

Baci, V

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