Wednesday, August 14, 2013

"Turn you head and cough, please!" for the last time...Day 21

Well, that was it. One month of working in urology or wienerology as some have put it.

I didn't do too much today because I was busy saying goodbye and getting my time there certified.

I baked American apple pie for everyone. During the morning meeting I had apple pockets on the table and a real pie in my hands for the OR. Chief was genuinely bummed out when he found out today was my last day.

They had two DaVinci operations going on. Since I can't do much there, I went and got my time certified. I stopped by the outpatient department to have Dr.S sign my papers. He was happy I stopped by because he had a paper review he wrote in English for me to review. I very gladly help when it comes to reviewing English things because it's something I can actually do (or at least am better at than the doctors themselves).

I headed to the wards to say my goodbyes to the doctors working there and back to outpatient to give Dr.S his papers back.

I decided to stop by the DaVinci operation. When I walked into the room, Dr.H said (if not a little sarcastically) how nice it was of me to stop by. lol. I told him I was busy with paper work and reviewing translations from his colleague. I like when my colleagues feel comfortable enough to joke around with me. It shows me that they understand they can and that we get along.

I hung out until the operation was done and then had some apple pie. The nurses and doctors all loved it. I had to write down the recipe for one nurse and another asked me if I knew the American cheese cake recipe (she spent some time in Key West) I know the 3-step cheese cake recipe?... I've only been making it since spending summers in Virginia and basically eating that every day!

I asked chief it would be okay to leave after the first DaVinci (it was already 1:30) because I would like to get some sleep in before my night shift. He said that it was no problem, especially since I've already seen so many DaVincis. He thanked me for my time and help there and hoped I learned something. I told him I did learn a lot and was grateful for all the things I was allowed to do and that I felt very comfortable being part of the team. All around great.

I said goodbye to the nurses. They all wished me good luck with my further studies and hoped to see me around. I told them I'd be back to visit (might make them another pie someday.)

My last stop before going home was outpatient again. I wanted to tell Dr.S that he could gladly contact me for little reviews and letters like the ones I've worked on for him. Luckily for me, not only was Dr.S there but also Dr.H, Dr.K and Dr.M. I thanked them for all their help and support. They seemed a bit bummed that I was leaving as well.

Honestly, I'm going to miss hanging out with them on a daily basis. Like I've said before and also a reason I like urology, I grew up having a bunch of guy friends to joke around with and in the last month, this department has become my gang of guy friends. I don't think all elective students build up such a great personal relationship with the doctors they work with. I don't think many stand at the OR table with the chief and senior attendings and have that much fun.

Looking back at my first post about this elective, I still agree with all my points. I really think I will choose urology as my specialty. You just have to be made for the job and have a calling. As dumb as that my sound, its the truth. Some of my friends have chosen a specialty they are thinking of going into and it just fits to their personality.

I'm excited to see where this journey takes me. If my residency is anything like my elective (obviously a lot more work and stress) and contains some of the aspects that made this month so fun, I'll have a great 5 years.

Random comment and revelation:

  • I never felt that the male patients felt awkward around me (even with pants down and full exposure on their part)

  • I didn't do a single DRE (digital rectal examination). A point that most people bring up when they hear that I want to go into Urology. I thought this would be a daily thing. I've seen it done thrice but haven't done the examination myself.
I am now sitting in my last night shift for the month before I leave for my two week vacation tomorrow.

It was great sharing my last month with you all and hope you enjoyed reading. I will be back at the beginning of September with my two week general practice elective and one week diagnostic radiology elective in Baden Baden if you want to tune back in and see what happens.

Thanks for taking the time and reading!

Baci, V


  1. or at least am better at then the doctors themselves...

    a little thAn maybe...? :-)

  2. I can only assume who that was lol. Thanks though. I'm far from perfect.