Wednesday, August 7, 2013

"Turn your head and cough, please" Day 16- free stuff and genital warts(which in some cases is the same thing)

Well today was interesting.

I was asked by the senior attending to write an English letter for him for a patient traveling abroad and needing a letter for costumes explaining his medication. I was glad to help considering I could shine with my English skills in comparison to my German. He was so excited when I whipped that baby up in five minutes saying he could have never written it that nicely. You are welcome sir :)

Then I was off into the OR to help with a prostate removal. The removal never happened. The patient was obese. The layer of fatty tissue above the stomach muscles was wider than the width of my hand. Under the muscle was more fatty tissue. We couldn't even visualize the prostate. The chief decided that we would be putting the patient in more harm than doing him good if we tried operating blindly. We removed lymph nodes and closed up. That was even a task in itself because all the instruments and sutures were so slippery from all the fat. We weren't expecting to have such bad conditions to operate in so we found an alternative treatment plan for the patient. I can only say, if you need more motivation to get active and stay healthy besides the obvious reasons....think of your surgeons trying to help.

The next operation was fun. We lazered genital warts! The chief and I did this operation. Such a cool dude. We were cracking jokes the whole time. In the previous operation, we had talked about why I wanted to do urology and he agreed with my points.

I had to move some things around for my last operation and had the intern jump in because my friend had a doctor appointment and needed someone to watch her little baby girl.

Talking to the chief was just a great confirmation of my thoughts about this job. He said that he can't pinpoint why, but regardless in what urology department you are, it is filled with chill people who just get along. True.

Now, some more hospital lifestyle:

The required hand killer: they have come a long way with disinfectants. The formulas return the fat to your hands so they don't completely dry out like they used to. Still, my hands would be happier without.

The optional hand saver: this stuff is fatty and great. I try to use it between operations to take care of my skin. If I'm looking at decades of operating, I want to do what I can to keep my hands healthy.

I love freebies: some people might be opposed to them but I grew up on company freebies. And honestly, they didn't effect me. I don't remember the name on the pens, clipboards or clocks, I remember the products so I'm all up for anything I can get! Last week I got a sweet pen and today I got this USB card....baller!

P.S.: while babysitting and watching CNN, I briefly saw the DaVinci being presented :)

Baci, V

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