Tuesday, August 13, 2013

"Turn your head and cough, please!" Day 20....only one day left :(

Well, slowly there is an end in sight. I am split on my emotions. On the one side, I am happy I won't have to get up early every morning and have time to do what I want (well that is only half true, I don't really have any free time since I start traveling right after my night shift tomorrow night....it'll be a great vacation but not exactly relaxing) and on the other, I am so used to being around the same people all day long, seeing patients and operating that I will definitely miss all of that.

But we aren't there yet.

Today I was back in the OR.

Our first operation was a kidney removal. Chief was operating. It was finally an operation that went smoothly and we actually only needed half of the time that was planned! I talked to chief in the break room and asked him about his connections in the US. Turns out he has never been in the USA but rather Dr.H....guess I'll be talking to him then tomorrow.

The second operation was another testes opening, pathology check and in the end removal like yesterday. Since I was operating with Dr. S again and we had just done the same operation yesterday he let me do even more! He was my first assistant and I basically did everything with him telling me what to do! Too bad tomorrow is my last day. I am sure I would do the whole thing the next time or at least do as much but with less direction. :)

The difference with today's patient was that he was also circumcised by us. That was quickly done and we were done for the day!

It was a lot of fun with the team today. In the break room, a harmless conversation started about a pen ended with all of our heads in the gutter real quick.

In the OR, the male nurse and I had a lot of fun while operating because we kept making jokes about how I am at the bottom of the hierarchy and actually have nothing to say and so on....you had to be there. There were of course also sexual jokes....I mean, this is urology after all. For example, while operating on the testes, I handed the surgical instruments back to him and mentioned that I used to play with them at home as a kid (our scissors were often medical scissors or clips that totally drove me insane because I kept thinking the handles belonged to scissors). The male nurse just looked at me and asked, "With which one?" referring to the instruments or the testes we were operating on. Ha.... I've said it before and I'll say it again, great team to work with.

I went and had dinner at my friend's house. Of course our conversations often involve what I am currently doing in my elective (for some reason people really like talking about penises). Her husband then asked me if I knew "Puppetry of the Penis". I did not. He showed us a YouTube video....and now I know. These two Australian guys originally started it. The ancient art of genital origami. Many have copied the original and it is hilarious. These two guys are butt ass naked and make different things out of their penises. Crazy. There are snails, hamburgers, Loch Ness, pelicans, Eiffel Tower....just YouTube "Puppetry of the Penis" and check it out for yourself. You'll be amazed.

I've been busy packing for my trip and baking apple pie as a thank you for tomorrow.

One more day of urology left.... :( / :) ?!?!

Baci, V

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