Monday, August 12, 2013

"Turn your head and cough, please!" Day 19....I'm so confused on what day it is

I apologize in advance for the shortness of this post but in the last 26 hours, I have only had one hour of sleep.

I worked the night shift on Saturday and Sunday using most of my time during the day to sleep. After my shift on Saturday I went for a nice morning run (go get it) before falling into bed. 

Both shifts where good because I didn't have a patient per se but rather was a nurse's help on the wards. This meant work to do for about two hours and then time to work on my own things. 

I know we med students like to claim things such as we save lives everyday, there actually are doctors who do that but for the most part we are making lives more enjoyable and helping keep people alive. In my Saturday night shift, I am convinced that the nurse working and I actually saved a man's life by being persistent and following our gut feeling.

After my night shift on Sunday, I took a one hour nap and headed back to the hospital for work.

During the morning meeting we were asked who would assist in the operations. The other electives didn't seem to hot to do it and I like working in the OR anyways so I said I would. I did mention that I only had one hour of sleep though. The senior attending asked why (probably thinking I was out partying) but I gladly informed him that I was working. He said that was the right thing to do ;)

The chief was really nice and told me that I could go home and sleep after the first operation if I wanted to. I told him I'd see how it goes but would try to stay and help. Totally worth it!

The first operation was a testes tumor. Dr.S and I operated. He let me do a lot in this operation. For the second half he basically was my first assistant while I did all the operating and he lead me through the steps. It was awesome!

I decided to stay for the other operation as well because it was only supposed to last two hours. I also knew he'd have a hard time getting one of the other electives in the OR and I didn't want a doctor to have to leave their work just because I was feeling tired. Honestly, I wasn't feeling too bad. It ended up taking longer than 2 hours though.

The second operation was a kidney viewing. The patient had tumors and cysts in the CT and we had to check it out. It took longer than expected due to the kidney's desire to keep bleeding. We were finished at 1:30PM and I went home. 

Instead of going to bed, I had a few errands to run downtown. I ended up at my friend's hair salon and did the whole shebang since I planned on doing that tomorrow after work but she has a day off tomorrow.

So now, I finally lay down to sleep.

Good night world
Baci, V

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