Tuesday, February 4, 2014

"Hey, don't give me that look, I didn't do anything!" Peds day 2

Day two with the kiddies. I woke up rather refreshed and ready for the day. The weather has become a bit milder so the walk over to the hospital was actually quite pleasant.

My usual wardrobe includes copious amounts of neutrals and earth tones. It's just something about working in peds that makes my clothing selection look like a skittles rainbow produced it.

Never would I ever run around this colorful unless it was for the kids. 

We had a few new kids to look at on the ward this morning. I spent a lot of time dictating my doctors note though. I'm trying to study up on my patient as much  as possible to be as prepared as possible on Friday. 

The morning was as it was yesterday. Getting to know the kids, checking on the ones we know, then rounds with the attending and off to the morning meeting.

A few new diseases came in today. A lot of the time the kids have some kind of infection though. There was a precious little infant there with such a stern look on his face I almost felt guilty as though I had done something wrong when he looked at me. It was entertaining, 

Even after just two days, you can really start bonding with the little critters. 

After lunch, I finished up what I could on the doctors letter and brought the tape to the secretary. The afternoon was a bit monotone. I looked through multiple patient files, read a few things in a textbook and did everything possible not to look bored. There were a few conversations with the psychologists regarding some of the kids. 

I was allowed to leave a bit earlier today.

I already picked a patient to interview tomorrow morning so that I can present her to the attending during rounds. 

I'll have to leave a bit earlier tomorrow as well because I have an English class to teach.

I'm really enjoying the time on the ward so far and don't mind having to get up in the morning to go to work. Always a good thing!

Baci V

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