Friday, February 7, 2014

Wow, I made it all the way to Friday without being asked that question! Last day Peds!

Awww man, last day.

We got a few more admissions over night. We spent the time before rounds checking up on some kids and looking at the new kids. I checked the findings to see if my patient had any new values. 

Rounds was hilarious today. I don't know if everybody took an extra dose happy pills but we were cracking jokes and having a good ole time. At some point the doctors talked about an actress that was on the screen in one of the patients rooms. They were all super excited about her and not knowing who the heck they were talking about, I asked. They all stared at me like I had just asked them who Obama is. The one resident even gave me the "talk to the hand" gesture. The attending said he had thought about letting me go early and giving me the top score as an evaluation but after revealing my lack of knowledge over this apparently very good looking lady, I would have to do overtime and would only achieve a subpar score. Haha. I looked her up later and it turns out I do know who she is, I just didn't know that that was her name.

The attending came into the work room later and asked me if I was related to David. Wow. I made it all the way through to Friday without anyone asking me! New record. I told him that we are distantly related. He thought that was pretty cool. He left the work room and about two minutes later a nurse walks in and says, "so guess what I just heard." Well gee, that didn't take long. She told me they were singing "I've been looking for freedom" out in the work area. ....of course they are. Haha. I mean I think it is all very entertaining.

(Wow, made it all the way to Friday without that question)

After lunch I had to sit around a bit waiting for the attending to have time to quiz me a bit and give me my final evaluation score. I was so ready to answer just about every question about inflammatory bowel disease. In the end it was short and sweet. Even with my lack of knowledge about the actress, I got the top score.

I went home to get some sleep assuming I had a night shift to go to. I don't. There was a glitch in the planning system. New plan is to get some work done at home and maybe bake some cookies. We shall see.

The week in peds was so much more than that I expected. I was really lucky with my ward and team though. I'm also a strong believer that your own attitude contributes a lot to the experience as well. It was fun, I would have no problem going back on Monday. Now it's time to get ready for two days OBGYN and then really go in on this doctor thesis. 

I think the kids may have made me sick though, I've had a tightening feeling in my throat since this morning. I hope not!

Have a great weekend everyone! I have my 26 hour shift on Sunday. Hope I have a lot of interesting things to report on!


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