Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Sniff, cough, cough, cough, sniff.....ugh

I'm going to have to keep it a bit shorter today. I am full blown sick. My cough hurts, my nose is stuffed up, my chest is hurting and my whole body is weak. Oh well. That is just how it goes when you have a period of positive stress (under negative stress the body is less likely to become sick because it is worried about surviving) so after moving to my own place (and being super content with the decision) and being really happy in peds, it hit me. I'm sure the little kiddos in peds also had a role to play in all of this. Anyways, enough pity party...

As I mentioned yesterday, I was not looking forward to today. It ended up being a lot less harmful than I thought. The morning meeting was nothing but normal. My nice doctor from my 26h shift was there and immediately picked me to work on her ward. 

We had some coffee and discussed the patients there. I did the admissions physical examination and history for two patients. I immediately starting collecting the information I needed for my doctors letters. Afterwards, I headed to the library and finished typing them and looking up information relevant to their diseases. 

In the afternoon, back on the ward, a resident took pity on my pitiful state. She said she would sign the papers that needed signing and I could go home and get some rest. I told her I definitely wanted to present my patient to her otherwise I would feel like I cheated the system. I presented the patient I had worked on, answered a few questions and got my evaluation and signatures. 

I grabbed a quick bite to eat, unwilling to cook something at home, and went home to bed.

It is the best timing for me right now to be sick (if I must be sick). With night shifts and traveling starting the end of the month, I'd rather have my body go through all this crap now.

I look like death though, so no pictures. Besides, I still don't have my new phone so I wouldn't be able to post anyways. 

I am in the lab the next few weeks. If something interesting happens, I'll be here reporting. Otherwise dear readers, I will be flying to Ghana on March 16th! I don't know how quickly I'll have a working connection but I will be reporting as much as possible. I'm super excited. Maybe I'll post a little prep post for Ghana. So just tune in every so often and see if there is something new!

Thanks for sticking with me the last two weeks. Hope you enjoyed!

See you soon! Stay healthy!



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