Monday, August 30, 2010


So, I made it. My internship is over. The last few days were not all to special. I brought the station a present on Thursday. It is a picture from Lichtenstein (The Woman with a hairband) and is created using Gummib√§rchen (Gummy Bears). 

Various doctors and patients said good bye to me and wished me the best. On the last day I still got my report done. I had to listen to a doctor-patient conversation and then write about it. At the end of my day I even got a card from the nurses. I think they liked me and I definitely had my fun there. I learned a lot and am very thankful that I got to watch operations.

Probably the most touching moment was this one: I was rushing around the halls to put stuff away and one of our patients (she is life threatening sick at the moment and was lying on a specialized bed in the hallway (it works with sound)) stopped me. She told me that if I made it through all the studying and became a doctor.....I would be a very good doctor.

I was very touched.

So another part of my journey to becoming a doctor is done. The next time I am in the hospital, it will be more doctors works than that of the nurses. I am going to enjoy my vacation now and my semester starts on the 18th of October again with my communications class for one week before the real semester begins :)

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