Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Blood, lots and lots of blood!

The weekend was rather chill.

Yesterday we got two new people in our department. A nurse student and another intern (not a med student intern though). Since we were so many, I jumped on the opportunities to do stuff. At the end of my shift I went down to the birthing department to see if I could come work there for a week. They were super unfriendly....from the doctor to the nurses....and they didn't really seem to want me to come. I decided that I wouldn't fight to work there because if I am going to work there, I want someone to care and explain things to me like they do now on 3C.

Today I got to watch an operation again. It was the removal of breast cancer and lymphatic nodes. I only had a brötchen for breakfast and didn't drink a lot of water but I was called into the OR so quickly that I didn't have time. I had to leave for a second to drink about half a liter of water and than it was okay. The doctor was very nice and explained a lot. I thanked her at the end and said that I hoped to be there in one of her next operations and she said that would be no problem.

I am so happy that I am in this department!

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