Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Yesterday was crap!

Yesterday was the worst day at work so far. It was just no fun and I just wanted it to be over. I had the late shift, I was supposed to work the early shift but was asked to switch because we have so many students and interns at the moment (6!). The newest intern had the in between shift from 8 until 3:40PM. She followed every step I took and asked a million questions. I mean, okay, I was a new intern once but I was certainly not that annoying. I was afraid to go to the bathroom because I thought she might follow me!
When she was finally gone I thought I would have my peace and get my job done. Well, then almost all the patients decided to be super annoying, having to use the bathroom every 10 minutes and just being complicated. Usually all the nurses are nice and maybe yesterday was just not their day (it didn't really seem to be my best day either) but they were both not that friendly. When it came time to get the patients ready for bed, the one nurse would tell me to get the patients in room 08 ready and if I just so happened to be in the hallway because I had to go get something, the other nurse would tell me to take care of the patients in room 20. When I told her that I was in room 08 she reacted as though I had chosen to be in room 08 and would rather be there than listen to her and go into room 20. What was I supposed to do?! Either I could split myself or leave the patient in room 08 half naked so that I can take care of the ones in room 20 and then get a bratty reaction from the nurse that told me to go to room 08! Seriously! And to think that there were 5 "extras" (nurse students and interns) in the early of them could have done late shift with us. Usually the late shift doesn't need that many people but the patients are all very needy at the moment.

I guess a day like that had to come though. It had been so good until now that it couldn't possibly continue. 

Tonight I work the night shift (8:35Pm until 6:20AM). I am a bit nervous as to how it will be. I would have liked to do the night shift last week when the patients were all so uncomplicated. Now I think I will be running from one patient to the next all having to pee or something. We shall see. Tomorrow I work the night shift again. I haven't had coffee yet today because I am saving it for tonight. If I don't sleep all day tomorrow I will post how it was.

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