Sunday, May 22, 2011

Fasting day 3

Honestly, this morning has been the worst so far. I woke up feeling totally weak, couldn't concentrate and hardly wanted to get out of bed or even drink water! I did sum up the energy to drag myself into the living room with a glass of water and tea and pulled up the fasting website and started researching a bit. Turns out I am allowed to drink fruit juice during fasting. It has to be held in moderation but especially in the first few days it is important so that the blood sugar level doesn't drop harshly. As I was reading the description, it basically all applied to what I was feeling. Translated from the German website:

"In the first 1-3 days of fasting, it can occur that your blood sugar level drops off- especially when you also workout (I was running two days ago and yesterday I had a party/dance marathon with 3 parties to attend)."

"A too low blood sugar level can show symptoms such as fast heart beat (check), dizziness (check), sweating (check), chills (check), fatigue (check), muscle weakness (check), pale (check) , food cravings (check), nausea (check), restlessness (check), confusion, nightmares, communication difficulties, loss of concentration (check), impaired vision or speech disorder."

So you can see from all the "check"s, my blood glucose level was definitely too low. Luckily, I still had a bottle of fruit juice. The website recommends a 1:3 mix of fruit juice to water. I made it a 1:1 because I wanted to get out of that state. I laid on the couch and watched a little TV until I started to feel a little better. I will stick with drinking 250-400ml fresh (not from concentrate!) juice a day because I do have a rather busy schedule and if I don't I might become under sugared again.

In my current state I really don't have an appetite for anything. The thought of broth makes me want to gag and I'm not to hot on drinking tea or water either. Of course I will force myself to drink water and tea atleast because I don't want to become dehydrated and I hope that later on I will be able to drink some broth so that I get some salts in my body. 

I hope this was just a minor incident and with the gained knowledge I now have from the website, I will be able to forgo such states.

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