Monday, May 23, 2011

Fasting day 4

Almost half way done. I woke up feeling great this morning. Last night, lying in bed, I had a bit of a stomach ache and just wanted to fall asleep. Thankfully, any sign of discomfort was gone once I did wake up. The first half of my day was fine. Wasn't hungry but what is killing me is the thoughts about all the yummy food there is, how I could be baking chunky chocolate chip cookies and eating the dough or the three cans of salt and vinegar chips standing in my kitchen. The appetite for food is what is really getting me every time and I have to tell myself every time that it is all in my head and that a craving passes. I am not about to stop half way although my friends tease me with sayings such as that they are about to go and enjoy some ice cream. I don't let that bother me though. Tonight I will be half way through and the rest of the week is busy as always and I have to start packing for Paris!

The second half of my day, during our lab, I was a bit cranky. The experiments didn't really go as planned (which probably bothered me the least), there was a lot of sitting around from the others and talk about food and the Lab TA was always on my back about things although I was following the exact protocol. So I became a little bit cranky. Now I am home, enjoying a short break before I continue with biochemistry.

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