Friday, May 20, 2011

Sprained ankles, fasting and jobs...hurry!


So most of my last post holds true. Physikum is still always there, lurking like an evil munchkin. I am also active in all the things I said I was with the exception of the work out classes. 

On a Monday a few weeks ago, my friend asked me if I wanted to go play volleyball with her. During warm ups I fell to the ground with a twisted ankle. Great! The first thing I said to my friend when she ran to my aid was, "I felt my malleolus on the ground!" This makes me a huge nerd. For those who haven't been absorbed by what is known as Anatomy, the malleolus is the last bit of bone of the two bones in the lower leg. Nerd....I know. Anyways, I got ice on it right away and even rode my bike home. I wasn't about to go to the ER for a sprained ankle. Later that night, my roommate tried to convince me to go though. I didn't really want to listen to him and instead called all my friends to find someone with a bandage I could use the next day to get to lecture. Nobody had some! This really surprised me with all of us being med students and all. Three of my friends advised me to go to the ER. Manu called up his friend that lived nearby and has a car and he came and picked me up. I was checked out rather quickly in the ER and they told my I tore a few ligaments on the outside side of my ankle. Fabulous. I got crutches and a light bandage with some pain relieving cream on it. I got home around midnight and promised my ER buddy that I would invite him to dinner sometime as a thank you. This ER visit was followed the next few weeks with 3 more appointments. Every time, the doctor would mention something regarding my last name. Apparently the first doctor I had went around telling his colleagues that he treated a relative of the Hoff. At the second appointment, I was supposed to get a brace but my ankle was still too swollen. I finally got it at the third appointment. This brace allowed me to walk without crutches. This was particularly useful because I flew to London the next day over Easter and was able to run around the down without looking like a total gimp. At my follow up appointment 2 weeks later, the doctor told me I could stop wearing the brace and start working out again. He didn't have to tell me that twice and the next day I was on the elliptical, bike and treadmill!

Classes are keeping me busy as are my jobs. Psychology stress is now hopefully over because we had the exam today. I don't think it went very well I must say. This was the first exam where the German language created problems for me. I haven't had that problem on any exam so far. The way they worded questions was difficult sometime and I even found 2 words that I have never heard before! We don't get the results until Wednesday. I hope I passed. But I won't be very happy either if I just pass. Those who know me know that is just how I am. I don't see the point in just passing an exam with 1 or two points. Then I might as well fail. But let me not get ahead of myself, I will know Wednesday.

Last weekend I was in America. My big sister graduated and I surprised the whole family. This was only possible because my grandma paid half of my ticket. That said, the ticket was one of the cheapest I think I ever purchased to get to America and that less than a week before take off! The surprise was a huge success and I had an amazing weekend with family and friends.

My newest challenge is fasting. We've been hearing it in lecture in reference to biochemical reactions and after talking to a few people about it, I have taken on the challenge to fast until Friday night. I will try to post my experience here. I have heard that the hunger feeling goes away after 2-3 days. I wasn't planning on starting until tomorrow, but after breakfast I just didn't eat anything anymore and I figured I could just go with it. I even sat through dinner with friends at a restaurant tonight where they all had pizza and I happily sipped my tea. The people who have fasted before reported that they felt so good after the 2-3 days where they were hungry. Can't wait to see what that feels like. But it wasn't hard at all today. Since I am willingly doing this, my stomach seems to play along.

I also got myself a new job. I will be writing I blog about my Anatomy experience in a Blog for an organization here called MediLearn. I don't know when it is officially starting. The guy wanted to get back to me sometime soon. Once I have a link for it, I will post it here.

That is all for now. :)

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