Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Sure is hot out here...again...and my dresses are done!

It was incredibly hot today. One of the hottest days since I've been here I think.

I went to the Gyn Theater today because I knew Erica was there and I was not about to go to the Gyn clinic and just sit around. We watched a hysterectomy (uterus removal) and a myomectomy (removal of little muscle growth balls from the uterus). I would usually be bored just watching an operation (and at times I was) but the extent of the disease is usually much more progressed than what I would see in Germany and thus interesting. Erica and I left before the finished up sewing the last patient shut to have some lunch with Katie, Michael and Felix. I had Red Red again. So yummy but due to the heat I couldn't actually eat a lot.

Afterwards we headed to Nana's store to pick up my dresses. They looked amazing in the bag so I was so excited to see what they look like on. When I asked how much they cost I was thinking it would be about 150-200 Cedis….it was 800! So about 300 US dollars but lets be honest…these things are so nicely made and there is so much detail that if they fit…its worth it. I got three dresses, a skirt and pants.

We headed to their hotel to chill a bit and have a fashion show. The stuff fits great! Totally worth it.

I headed back to my place afterwards, walking a bit of a detour because I missed my gate but I enjoyed the stroll.

I hung out in my room until Isaac and Eugene picked me up at 9:30pm. They drove me to Nana's cousin's house. There, a few other cousins and Nana were just hanging out having drinks. I wore one of my dresses because I was so excited about them and was overdressed but it was fine. I only caught about 40% of the conversations but it was a good time. I was back in bed by 1:30.

Now I am wearing my new skirt and about to head to the labor and delivery ward to see what happens :)

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