Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sure is hot out here....catching up!

We have some catching up to do, don't we?

First off I'd like to apologize that I didn't add pictures to the lat post but let me just say the Internet situation in Africa isn't the easiest,

So I did take that personal day on Friday. I washed some laundry by hand, packed my suitcase (and realized just how much fabric I had boughten....and wooden penises, let's not forget those), cleaned my room and wanted to upload pictures but due to the fact that the hostel had run out of Internet codes, this was not possible.

I headed to the art market with the girls in the afternoon to pick up my other wood carvings and I some gifts as well. Afterwards, we headed to Osu so that the girls could meet up with Joyce. Joyce is a designer and seamstress that was recommended to the girls. She was such a cool lady. She took time to listen to what the girls wanted, looked at their pictures and took their measurements. She is going to improvise a bit with embellishments so we are all excited to see what happens. I had her take my measurements as well because she told us it was possible to just call her and order clothes and then she would send them. She seems really busy because she is actually booked full for the next two months and is graciously squeezing the girls in.

Afterwards we headed to Pinocchio for dinner. It was so very delicious! We ordered iced coffee and it arrived in a cocktail glass. I had a veggie burger and tropical salad which were both so good. 

After dinner, we all cabbed back to their hostel to chill before going out. The plan was to go karaoke singing and I was psyched. Sadly, Aaron picked us up too late for us to make it. We got to the club and it was packed! The music was right up my alley as well. I ordered a shot of Henney and coke, Katie bought me a double shot of Henney. So there I stood with a full glass and a bottle of dad would be proud. I was approached by a few guys that would tell me I must have some black in me because of how well I knew the songs and my dancing. Tell me something I don't know.

We headed to a second club and were out until 4:30! We had originally planned to leave for Ada Foah early Saturday morning, but getting home a bit before 5 seriously made me doubt that would happen. We decided Aaron would get us at 9. I quickly got into bed and slept a few hours before the alarm went off.

Aaron eventually picked me up at around 9:30 and already had the girls in the car.  If traffic wasn't bad and you believe google maps, it should only take 1.5 hours.

It took us about that time just to get out of Accra. There was a bit of traffic along the way. We eventually arrived around 12:30 or so. The resort looked nice with its little huts on the beach. I quickly got into my bikini and went to check out the beach. The walk towards the ocean looked promising, until I passed the ledge and saw that the whole beach was under construction and the water looked filthy with seaweed. So disappointing. I went back to break the news to the others. They were equally disappointed. We decided to order food while we wait for the others. A thing I have learned here in Ghana is that is takes forever for food to arrive. This might have been the longest wait with about 2 hours from ordering to getting the food! It took so long that even the others had arrived in the mean time. We were all completely on edge because we were so hungry. The whole situation was rather ridiculous. 

After we had all eaten, we hopped in the cars and drove to a boat. This boat took us out on the Volta river to the end of the peninsula to the Maranatha resort. There we took some really fun group pictures. Resort might be a bit of an overstatement. It consisted of little huts with beds in them on the beach. Little did I know at the time that I would be staying in the resort next to it the next few days.

The boat then took us to another island where a man showed us how he made his sugar cane rum and then let us try it! It was rather strong stuff. 

After that we hopped on the boat and drove home. We ordered food at the resort which took another half a lifetime to actually come. So much so that we just had them box up the food that was taking so long because we weren't hungry anymore and just wanted to go to bed.

The beds were comfy but I had some crazy dreams including dinner with the Danish queen and a lecture from prince Charles. Crazy brain.

We all got up early so that we could leave for the beach by 8. We got out of the resort by 8:30, so not bad for Ghanaian standards. The resort that I had originally wanted to check out apparently has been under construction for 4 years. We had decided to go to the end of the peninsula anyways and although it might not be as luxurious as the other place was supposed to be, I decided to get a room there. While waiting for our breakfast, we saw the sky get really dark in the distance. Not soon after, it was thundering, lighting and pouring rain. I felt bad for the others since they came to have sun and were now sitting in the rain. It cleared up by the time they wanted to leave though. 

Around 1 the gang left me at the resort. I spent the day collecting shells and palm leaves. I wove a little basket (not really any good, should have taken a college basket weaving class) while being watched by two small local boys. In the time of making that basket, four guys stopped to chat with me and were saying they wanted us to be "friends".....mmhmmm. I told them I had a boy friend and I was sure he wouldn't be ok with that. One didn't really seem to care too much  and wanted me to be his baby momma. Not...gonna...happen.

I ordered some dinner and read in the book Katie had so kindly let me borrow. Afterwards, I chatted with the manager a bit. He had to take one of the workers to an island up the river because he had to go home to do funeral arrangements. They asked if I wanted to join. I didn't have anything else to do and a little lake ride sounded nice. They told me of all the rich people who owned their own islands around here and have giant houses build on them and on weekends the place is full. It was a pretty long ride in all but lovely enjoying the breeze in the night. I'm off to bed now although it's early to catch up on sleep and be able to enjoy the early sun when I can actually do something. 

My rough plan for the week is to return to Accra on Wednesday and I have social plans every day before I fly back on Saturday. But first I will enjoy the beach a few days!

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