Thursday, April 3, 2014

Sure is hot out here......starting with a death, ending with a birth...the circle of life I guess

Vikers was my nickname at one time
Hey little guy, the spontaneous we missed
My day yesterday was quite diverse.

Once I got to the labor ward, I met some anesthesiology students. I was chatting with them when they said they were being called to the recovery room and I followed. When I arrived, there were about 6 people standing around a bed and one person was already performing chest compressions. The patient was intubated on a ventilator and her eyes were covered. There was another obruni girl there that I hadn't seen yet so I introduced myself while still focused on the situation. I wanted to get some information on the case. There were so many things that were bothering me about the situation. The chest compressions were not being administered correctly, they had her on the bed with no board underneath her so the chest compressions were basically not as effective. Everyone except Erica and I seemed pretty chill in the situation. Erica and I kept on commenting to each other what should be done but due to limited supplies and lack of authority….we were at a loss. I rotated in on the compressions and the anesthesiologist told the students to take note of me since I was doing it right. The anesthesiologist continued lecturing the students and directed their attention to the EKG. She then said, in this rhythm, we would usually defibrillate….but we don't have one. WHAT! Then one of the students suggested running to the cardiology department and getting one and supposedly the anesthesiologist said she wasn't going to start running around. I thought this was really harsh but maybe she knew it wasn't worth it. Later on I found out that the patient had already had an episode of cardiac arrest the day before and needed an emergency C section. She was in the maternity recovery room because no other ventilator was available.

It was all a bit crazy and after about half an hour of CPR we stopped and the time of death was called. So that was my first patient to die while I'm around.

Erica and I spent the day together. We followed one of the doctors around a bit and hung out in the ORs to see something happen. We grabbed lunch at MedDiner where I met Katie. I took them to get some fresh coconuts afterwards and we were met by Tolu there. He is friends of mutual friends of Erica so they actually hadn't met. My group of people that I know just keeps on getting bigger which is exciting.

Back on the ward, we watched a manual evacuation of the uterus… was not pretty. We also watched one C section. We missed the one spontaneous birth we could have seen because we were in the OR. Around 3:45pm we left.
My little guy still in NICU

At home I took a very nice 2 hour nap. I slowly got ready, texted Tope to get ready and we left for Epos Spot again for the rest of the soccer match. There we met up with Erica and her friends but also Nelly and her friends who I had met last week. Pablo joined us as well. After the match (I really didn't even pay attention) we all headed to a really nice Indian restaurant. The food was delicious! Alex, Alexis and two others met up with us there as well. From the restaurant we went to the Republic Bar for drinks. There we were met by the two anesthesiologist students I had met in the morning. Our final stop for the night was Bella Roma club. The music started off pretty old school and slow. At around 1am however, the music started shifting to the kind I like. We had a really fun time. Erica, Katie, Pablo and I left and I was in bed around 3.

Now I am chillin in my room until Nana picks me up to take me to the beach in Bojo. I've heard great reviews so I'm looking forward to it!

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