Monday, July 19, 2010

1st Day

A little info before I report, to help understand what I am about to write.
1A Newborn department
3A General surgery
3C Ob/Gyn

SOOOOOOOO, there was a lot of confusion this morning when I got to the hospital. In the papers that I signed it said that I was going to be on 3A for three weeks and 1A for three weeks. However, I was then told I was supposed to be on the 3C for the whole 6 weeks! Supposedly some lady said she had talked to me about it...negative ghost-rider. After all the confusion we finally came to the conclusion that I am on 3C first and then 1A. Its all good. What I am super excited about is that ALL the nurses are nice and the patients can take care of themselves to the most part. Its pretty chill. There is another intern that is still in school and wants to go to med school. She asked me a bunch of questions and we ran around the hospital together. So far nothing all to excited. I'll keep ya posted :)


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