Monday, July 26, 2010

Taking blood, C-sections and more

WOW, sorry I haven't posted.

Okay, so last week I worked the morning shift (6AM-1:50PM). I will condense the interesting stuff.

Monday: First day, after a lot of confusion I ended up on the OBGYN and accident surgery.
Tuesday: I met some more nice nurses.
Wednesday: I met Dr. A. The male doctors have to have a female worker with them when they do their last check up before the patient goes home. I got to go with him and watched the check up and doctor-patient conversation.
Thursday: Dr. A. showed another intern and me how to take blood which ended with him helping us take each others blood!! So cool!
Friday: I got to go into the operation room for the first time and watch three operations. The first was tissue removal of the cervix. The second was a uterus removal. The third was a c-section! The first (after my own) birth that I got to see.

Friday after work I flew down to Stuttgart to visit relatives. It was a very, very nice weekend. I flew back Sunday night.

This week I work in the afternoon (1:10PM-9PM). In this shift there is a lot less to do. I got to watch Dr. A. do an ultrasound and he explained what he was doing and looking at. At the end I met another doctor, Dr. B. (the letters are the first letter of their last name, not randomly A, B, C,...). She delivers babies, so I will be seeing more of her when I switch to the newborn department.

This time around is so much better than last year. The nurses are a lot nicer (to be fair, there were a few really nice nurses in neurology), the patients are a lot less complicated and the doctors are teaching me more. I enjoy going to work. The rest of the week will kind of drag because there is much less to do, but today I had the new German Vogue to keep me occupied :)

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