Sunday, July 4, 2010

Juhu Germany

Why hello!

First off, YAY GERMANY for beating Argentina 4-0!

Okay, so its Sunday, my oral exam is Tuesday, I should totally be studying non-stop right? Wrong, ... well partly. I studied all morning yesterday and then watched the game and grilled at my Aunt's and Uncle's house. Today I have been way more productive but I really have to force myself to sit down and study. I'm a bit burned out from the semester although its not over yet. After my oral exam I really have to but the petal to the metal because I will have 1.5 days to review everything from the last 14 weeks. Thursday morning I will do absoleutly nothing in order to be fit for the final exam that starts at 12.

I might complain a lot about how hard and exhausting this semester is, none the less I don't want the fact to go under that I love studying medicine and that anatomy is still my favorite class. The problem is the extreme time pressure. My TA had a good point though the other day. I was talking about how stupid I thought it was to have neuroanatomy in 4 weeks. She said that we could have started in the semester breaks (as one of my fellow students did and is not half as stressed). I basically didn't have a semester break because I was constantly studying for the exam on the first day of classes which concentrated largely on bones. I would totally advise the students that are in the first semester now to defineatly get a heads start in their break so that it is not as stressful with in the semester. Also, they have a LOT more time to do so (kinda unfair, but that's life). They have a 3 month break to get ready for the class....I had about a month. Also, they will have their Christmas break with in their class which gives them even more time and a break (we had two days "off")...ugh! Oh well, I will have made it in 4 days time.

Of course I will inform you all how my oral exam went as soon as it is over with :)


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