Friday, July 30, 2010

How may I help, Dr.A?

Finished my 5th of 12 days in a row of work. Nothing big to report. I have continued to hang around Dr.A. I got to help him with a few more examinations. Other than that, I wanted to see what my shifts were on floor 1A but they didn't even know that I was coming! I don't know why the people who organize where people work didn't get it to work that I am on 3C for 3 weeks and 1A for three weeks! Seriously, is it that hard?

Well, since the situation on 3C is really good (they often let me leave early) and I have contact to some of the doctors and am allowed to watch operations, I will most likely stay on 3C. The nurses and Dr.A. said that they would get me on 1A for a day or so and more often into the operation room and into the baby department (hopefully to see a live birth!). I work until next Friday, everyday early shift! That means getting up at 5 every morning. Oh well, at least I like it there :)


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