Tuesday, July 6, 2010

T minus 70 minutes

Lab coat is ironed and washed, a lot has been studied and now all I can do is wait until my oral exam. I don't have to wait long though, in less than an hour I have to be in the anatomy building and at 2PM is my exam. At this point it is a bit of luck as to how well I will do. If the Professor asks me some really specific brain connection I'm most likely screwed for that point. However, if he sticks to the anatomy that can be seen on the table I should be fine. My brain is still in off mode a bit and I keep having to turn it back on and it won't have any other choice than to work after the exam because I will have today and tomorrow to review what I have learned in the last 14 weeks. Hokey dokey, I am going to brush my teeth and soon I will be on my way over. Considering that most of you are probably still sleeping, I will most likely have posted my results before you have a chance to read this post :)


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