Tuesday, September 17, 2013

"Boom Baden Baden" Day 2... Boom as in more rain...ugh

Another long day in the hospital is over. Today it was PKay's turn to go to the private clinic with the chief. In hindsight, she wishes she would have let me go instead because there was a little photo shoot that happened for the website and she had to pose as a patient. Her response to the chief after he asked her if she'd be willing to do that was, "oh that's really more of Viktoria's field." Lol, now she had to suck it up and do it.

On the other side of town, G and I hung out with Dr.D. He is very chatty. The chitter chatter is often not necessarily radiology related. We did look at a few cases and wrote our reports. Since we weren't running from A to B all the time I became very tired. I kept running over to the secretary's office to get coffee and snacks to keep me awake. 

At some point, Dr.D left the room to take a call and told us to have a look at the CAT scan. They use a dictation device here in the hospital which you speak into and it writes it into the computer. We obviously used this opportunity to try it out. It didn't work well at all. We tried multiple times but the results were always nonsense. Dr.D told us that the devices are trained to their voice. Since he has a very strong southern German dialect, it was no surprise that our clear [ ;-) ] northern German dialect showed bad results. 

After the afternoon discussions with the pediatricians and neurologists, G and I were let go to have lunch. I was starving. Being bored makes me hungry. I had a large portion of Käsespätzle. It's a southern German dish consisting of a special type of noodle mixed with cheese.....so basically the German version of Mac and cheese :)

After lunch, G and I worked on the cases. Chief had told us about them yesterday. We are given cases to look at and have to do a bit of diagnostic work up. G kept falling asleep while I tried to figure out what our ailed patients had. The five cases were all different kinds of brain bleeding (epidural, subdural, intracerebral, subarachnoidal) and the last was a poly trauma patient. I wrote down all I could find in the hopes it would be enough. We were done at about 2:50pm. None of the doctors really felt obligated to take care of us. We asked the secretary when we could expect PKay and chief back and I texted PKay to text me when they leave the clinic. The secretary said he should be back by four. Since we were both so tired and since no one seemed to know what we were doing or where we should be, G and I headed back to our respective rooms and took a nap before heading back to the hospital at ten to four. We were back in our work room looking at a few other cases when two of the doctors came and checked on us. They probably even didn't notice that we were gone for about an hour. The resident said we should just go home since its so late but we said we'd better wait on chief. 

I was in contact with PKay regarding their arrival time when she told me that the chief had let her go and we should come meet up with her. So we left.

We headed into town for a bit of shopping. Or window shopping in my case.

PKay and I ended up going into the Caracalla Baths. It's a nice spa like environment for 15€ for 2 hours. We relaxed in the warm and hot waters and I checked out the aroma therapy and sole inhalation rooms. All very nice and relaxing. Afterwards we headed back out into the rain and back to our humble abode.

It's PKay's birthday tomorrow and we only have a half day so we are taking the time and traveling to Strasbourg in France (one hour train ride) to celebrate. Hopefully the weather will be nicer than here.

Baci, V

P.s. I apologize for the lack of pictures and untidiness of my blog. I am working purely off of my iPad and with my phones bad 3G connection as my Internet source. Sorry.

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