Thursday, September 12, 2013

"Doc meets Dorf" Day 8 -- Oh, so I'm really that weak.

After a good night sleep, I still felt crappy. Few more symptoms but no days off and off to work.

Since it's Thursday, I was picked up at the train station by Dr.D and we went to draw some blood on house calls.
For some reason I really like these tress. Random fact.

In my favorite nursing home we go to, the nurse was so nice and gave us coffee. I usually don't drink coffee during the day before my night shift but it was cold and icky outside and I could basically sleep while standing so what the hell.

No longer summer....layers layers layers.
Back at the office we were back to the grind seeing patients. It seems that every patient mentions Dr.D's leaving the office. The reactions are all very different. Some say he is not "allowed" to leave, some say they totally understand and some say they at least thought he would be around until they weren't.

When it came back to the actual reason for the visit, we had a lovely mix of GI-tract, heart issues, lung problems and wounds to be taken care of. Two people came in with the exact same symptoms that I have and got sick notices until Sunday. As lovely as that sounds, I have to many things to get done and would hate to miss. Also, in my case of the night shift, I would hate to say I'm not coming and then have the management have to look for someone last minute. Not many people enjoy last minute night shifts.

Also love these lined up trees in Germany. Another random fact.
Dr.D was very generous and let me leave early to get some sleep in. He mentioned this 7 minutes before my train left. I quickly grabbed all my things and ran to the train station. The train station is only about 250m from the office. I ran over...and felt like I was going to die. The last 30m I honestly thought I wasn't going to make it to the tracks. I arrived 2 minutes before the train was supposed to leave but it had a 5 minute delay. I needed that time though to recover from the run. My heart was burning. I guess I'm a lot weaker right now than I thought.

Now I'm back in the hospital for my night shift and it has been calm so far. Good time to catch up on paperwork, research and talking to some friends back in the states. Dr. D said it would be fine if I came in 2 hours later than usual so that I could get some sleep. Three hours sleep sounds a lot better than none. Tomorrow is my last day in the office. On Sunday, I head down to Baden-Baden for a week long diagnostic radiology internship with my good friend. Due to the night shift, I don't have time to get something baked for the team. Maybe I can work something out last minute.

But first it is 6 more hours here :)

Live from the UMG

P.S. I clearly spoke too soon, about 2 minutes before wanting to post this, one of my patients stopped breathing and we have been dealing with that the last half hour. Always exciting.

Baci, V

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