Friday, September 13, 2013

"Doc meets Dorf" Day 9 -- No, I am not the new doctor, calm down.

Due to Dr.D's niceness of letting me come into work 2 hours later and us getting through the patients quickly and no house calls being requested, my work day was only 3 hours long.

The 2.5 hours of sleep I got made a world of a difference in how I felt today compared to last Friday. First up was a complete physical for me to do. Nothing suspicious was found. 

The other patients where quick visits as well.

There was a call that came in where a mom asked if I was the doctor that would be replacing Dr.D. Lol. She was asking because her 19 year old son would rather go to a male doctor. Oh kid, first of all, suck it up and secondly, you are 19 and having your mom call? Oh and thirdly, I've been clearly wearing a name tag the last two weeks with my name and "Medical student" written on it and we always introduced me as a med-student so learn to pay attention. Puh.

I had finished my log book today at 3:30AM after my non-breathing patient was on IMC. Dr.D had to look through them and grade the reports. He also had to evaluate me online. I am very happy with my grade :) I thanked him for the great time and that I felt very comfortable in the office. He was also very satisfied with my work and attitude and was sad I was leaving them. So was I.

I also thanked the doctor's helpers for their warm welcome and hospitality in the office. They were also sad I was leaving and the one said that I was the most involved, friendly and motivated student they have had in the office. It always makes me happy when people acknowledge my dedication. I quickly had Dr.W leave his examination room so that I could personally thank him for his help in the days Dr.D wasn't in the office.

And then I was on my way back to Gö.

Conclusion of the two weeks: as you can probably imagine, I love the little city. The people are all very friendly, yes there are some rather weird people as well but where don't you find people like that? I was pleasantly surprised with many of the nursing homes. I loved seeing the great relationship the two doctors have to their patients. I enjoyed getting on the train in the morning and being there. I could see myself also being a family doctor but I also have been missing the OR quite a lot. So even though the last two weeks were lovely (minus the lack of sleep and cold symptoms) I will still most likely be going into urology. But nothing is set in stone.

Stay tuned next week for my adventure to Baden-Baden with my friend P-Kay as we go to southern Germany for a week of diagnostic radiology.

Hope I could give you a little insight into the world and relationship of a family doctor and the importance they have for the patients on a daily basis. They have a lot of crap to deal with and have to keep an overview of everything happening medically to their patients. So the next time you are at your GPs, thank him or her for the work they do. It takes a certain personality to do the job and choose to work like they do.

Until next week!

Baci, V

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