Wednesday, September 11, 2013

"Doc meets Dorf" Day 7 --- So, you think you are sick?

I'm not a fan of colds. I'm wearing three layers of (white) tops and a wool scarf. There is no time to be sick. Too much happening.

Today was a relatively calm day. We didn't have too many walk-ins. That was probably due to the terrible weather. (also the reason why this post is picture free, sorry)

At this point, I know about every third patient we see. A lot come back for check ups and wound care. 

There was a little excitement when one of the patients fainted while having her blood drawn. (Easily entertained in that setting I guess)

Two younger patients came in today (independently). They described their symptoms, one with a cough that is in the morning and at night but won't go away and a another with GI-tract problems. After examining them, we didn't find anything. Just before we wanted to say good bye they asked for sick notices. One for court and one for school. Hmmmm.....weird how that came last minute. I don't want to say they were necessarily lying, I don't know what they are feeling but it was rather suspicious. Especially because for us, they were each two healthy people sitting in front of us. Maybe the court date gave the patient GI-tract issues but they didn't seem so bad that you can't go to court. And the other patient's lungs were so clear on auscultation and nothing in the throat that it seems unlikely that he is coughing nonstop all night and can't study and thus needs a sick note. In these situations, we kind of have to give them one. But the one didn't get it covered for the exam he missed yesterday (should have came yesterday if it was really that bad. So now he has to deal with a missed exam.)  I am sure court is not giving in that easily either and the patient will eventually have to show up. Just get your stuff done kids, do not let a sick notice be your excuse if you aren't sick!

We did two house visits in the afternoon. Both with old grannies that weren't quite all there. It's cute to see how a lot of the old ladies just start glowing when they see doc walk in. Since the weather was so bad, we had trenches on. Walking in and out of the places, with all the faces turning to us made me feel like we were in a slow motion clip from a movie where very important people walk into the room. Lol, sounds ridiculous but that's just how my brain works.

Like this, but less guns and more elderly people.

We were done with everything early enough for me to catch a train home earlier. I'm quite excited about these extra 60 minutes! Off to my warm bed with some tea and force my body to stop being sick ;)

Baci, V

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