Wednesday, September 18, 2013

"Boom Baden-Baden" Day 3.... Help! Get us back!

What an adventure today was.

First of all I'd like to officially wish PKay a very happy birthday. 

We had to be in the hospital by 8 again so we walked over at 7:30 to have a little birthday breakfast. At 8, we walked into the chief's office to find a little cake and a lot of baked goods for the special occasion. The whole team came to congratulate her and ate baked goods with us during the morning meeting. We discussed a few cases and then dispersed. I seemed most motivated of the bunch today because when we didn't have explicit assignments, I went to the computer and looked at random cases trying to figure them out.

The attending came and got us for two esophagus x rays. She even let us try the contrast solution. A iodine solution which tastes really bitter and a barium solution that looks like Elmer's glue. I don't remember eating that in kindergarten but I can't imagine it having tasted much better than the barium.

We spent a lot of time looking for work again. The secretary helped us look for connections to Strasbourg for the day. I also organized my early departure tomorrow instead of Friday so that I can take a friend to Schloss Neuschwarnstein. We had planned on leaving by 1pm today but where still sitting in the noon discussion. 

Finally, they released us to have lunch. Since we had missed the train we wanted, we still had 1.5 hours before leaving for Strasbourg.

Strasbourg is in France. Everyone told us we had to go because its so lovely. Luckily, it wasn't raining when we left. It was downright pouring when we got there. So much so that I finally bought myself an umbrella. 

We waited for the worst to be over and then explored the city. It really is a nice place. Probably even nicer when it's not raining. I'll post pictures once I have regular wifi.

We had yummy cake for PKay's birthday and at night we ate in a local restaurant. We didn't check when the last train left but knew one ran every hour. 

When we got to the train station, we headed to a machine which told us the next rain didn't leave until 6:22...the next morning! We freaked. I went to the ticket office which was luckily still open and got us the last connection tickets. The train wasn't running the first part so we had to catch a bus to Kehl. We got the ticket 2 minutes before the bus departed and luckily made it.

In Kehl, we had to wait 20 minutes until the train left. That took us to Appenweier. Appenweier is in the middle of no where without so much as a store to buy something warm. We had 1 hour and 15 minutes to kill there before the next train finally took us back to Baden Baden.

We weren't about to take the bus and then run up the hill so we spoiled ourselves and took a taxi for 10€.

It was a long and tough but also enjoyable day. Now it's quickly off to bed since we have to be back in the hospital by 8!

Baci, V  

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