Tuesday, September 10, 2013

"Doc meets Dorf" Day 6 -- stop it immune system, you're embarrassing me.

Gosh darn it. I think all the sick people are making me sick. I started feeling a cold yesterday and had difficulty breathing normally when I went to bed. Great. During the course of the day it just kept getting worse. I was about to ask Dr.D if he'd prescribe me the pills and sprays we prescribe the patients when they come in. But I don't like medication. The patients usually come for a sick notice anyways. Don't think I can ask Dr.D for that. And I don't want to. So toughen up immune system. We ain't got time to be sick!

How I start my day in the office.
Last week was full-on hot summer and over the weekend we have arrived in late fall. I was freezing all day again. 

The days seem to go by quicker now. 

Patients in the morning and house visits in the evening. Nothing spectacular happened in the office and nothing crazy in the nursing homes. But let's talk about the crazy interior design of these nursing homes.

I am amazed at how different all the nursing homes look. The only thing that seems to be the same is the hospital bed in the rooms. Most of the interior decorating seems to be a mash up of all the furniture from all the residents. Or anything that was on sale and decorative in the store. There isn't really a theme. Maybe the residents like walking around and seeing furniture similar to theirs but I don't understand all the big dolls all over the place we went to today. At every corner, there was a bigger version of the American dolls. It's a bit creepy. And the residents aren't little kids so why are the hallways decorated like a child's room? 

I will say that the lay out of the apartments on the most part are nice. To the point where I would like to have the same apartment.

Speaking of own apartment. Another issue I'd like to share with you all is about being understanding

Very often I think about how my life would be easier if lived alone. My roommates are both great girls but its just not my lifestyle anymore. I need to be able to do the things on my own time and terms.

A big reason, what I feel, is lack of understanding from their side. They both obviously have stuff to do but more often than not I see them enjoying life. This is completely OK and I am happy they are content. I am content too (in most aspects). I chose this life style. I don't blame anyone, I don't want sympathy from anyone. I want understanding. I chose to have this much work (it's just part of the dream), I chose to be good at what I do, I chose to be social during my day of work and I chose to take extra classes and be involved in organizations to expand my horizon. I don't think I'm better than others because of this. I do it for me and I do it for my future patients. I don't have a problem with my life being stressful. 

I have a problem with people creating unnecessary stress in my life. I hate gossip. (Don't spread rumors if you don't know what's going on. It's unnecessary) I hate little problems being blown out of proportion. (Little problems are problems too, it's how you deal with it.)

I deal with very sick people on a daily basis that wish nothing more than to see their kids but they have leukemia or would love to be able to walk again (that isn't meant to sound sappy, it's just supposed to help put things into prospective).

The problem with certain people in my life is that they are not very understanding. I get this feeling from my roommates sometimes. 

For a long time, I had a problem with one of them because she thought I was not interested in her life. Wrong. She thought this because I would come home and go straight to my room, not leave and then go to bed. So in grave detail I had to explain that the second I come home, I sit down at my desk and study for hours. I'll grab something small to eat quick and eat that at my desk because I still have research papers to read, lessons to prepare and courses to get ready for. From there, I fall into bed and the whole thing starts again the next day. Again, I don't want sympathy. 

Since explaining this to her and letting her know that I am not sitting in my room bored and avoiding her, we haven't had problems in that regard.

Then they want to require the cleaning be done by Friday before the weekend. Ummm....have you noticed I leave the house early and don't get back till late.... and that's only my unpaid job. There is no way I'm agreeing to that. I mean, am I wrong? They told me I had to make time. Well, if it happens a day earlier or later, you will just have to live with that because I don't have all day. (And they aren't the angles in regards to cleaning either)

(obviously not every single day is packed from beginning to end but I also enjoy a little break once in a while.....sue me.)

I hurried back from work yesterday to be on time for dinner and the people who don't work get there 15 minutes late. I guess I can't apply my own standards to others but then please at least have the courtesy of understanding my time schedule.

My life would be a lot easier if there weren't situations like that. The next year and a half will nonetheless be nice with the two of them (I'm hopeful) but they will have to learn to understand. 

In conclusion, if everyone is a bit more understanding of their fellow humans, this world could be a bit more pleasant. Lesson done for the day.

I really hope this little cold is gone quick! Otherwise my night shift Thursday might not be so fun..


Baci, V

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