Wednesday, September 4, 2013

"Doc meets Dorf" Day 2...that moment when a patient hits on you....

Day two of rise and shine.

I got to bed early so I felt better getting up this morning. However, I kept dreaming that I overslept or that I was throwing my Halloween party and didn't have a costume to wear so I tried stopping the party. My brain just can't shut off during the night. I've been trying to think of a good Halloween costume for my fourth annual Halloween party for a while now. Wish I had Heidi Klum's team.

I'm off subject. Sorry.

All my essentials for the commute...except my tea which I forgot on my bike :(

So, Dr.D wasn't there today so I got to work with Dr.W. He is a very nice man and quite the chatter box (so obviously we get along). He also looks like what you might imagine a general practitioner to look like. Gray somewhat longer messy hair, glasses and friendly tone.

We started seeing patients at 8:30 again. Before going in to see the patients, Dr.W would give me a quick run through of their medical and social history so I was up to date.

It was a very interesting mix of people. We had an abscess to take care of, sudden hearing loss, screw removals, stomach aches, insurance paperwork to deal with, people wanting to get a sick notice for work, shortness of breath, heart issues and flues.  There were also many patients with psychological problems or at least their psyche played a role in their illness.

Then there were two male patients that gave me compliments about my looks multiple times. I always feel really awkward in those kinds of situations. I don't think it's very appropriate in that setting. I just don't really know which is the best way to go about them. I usually just smile politely and hope we can get back to their complaints. One comment Dr.W made after a patient talked about me (while I was right there) was that I was there on my own terms and he couldn't give me away to go with the patient. Again, I sat there awkwardly and smiled politely. 

I was hoping Dr.D would decide not to do any house visits today so that I could get home a bit earlier to get a few things done. Again, thought half wrong. Dr.D did decide not to do any house visits however, so many people came in without an appointment that we saw patients until 3PM and then did paperwork and discussed things and I wasn't home until 5PM again.

The train gets me to work 25 minutes before I have to start so I walked around down town again a bit. It really is a beautiful city. It's so sad to see it dying out like it is. So, if you happen to be around the Göttingen/Kassel area....please please please go check out Hannoversch Münden!

And if you do end up going and sadly fall ill while there and are looking for a doctor, I can only recommend the office I'm working in. The doctors are great that I work with and really care about the patient. Dr.W told me today that he could have just ushered patients in and out and we would have been done earlier but that he would rather give the patients time and enjoys chatting with them. I can tell his patients really like him.

Because it did take so long, we didn't eat or take a break. I tried eating some cherry tomatoes once between patient visits. The first thing I did when I got home was eat a whole pizza....ugh. Bought a banana and an apple for tomorrow and hope that works out better.

Good night!

Baci, V

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