Friday, March 28, 2014

Sure is hot out here....91 degrees Fahrenheit!

My alarm clock went off at 5:15 this morning. I was told to be at Yaa's store by 6. It was still a bit dark out and it had rained all night, so the walk was in a comfortable temperature. I was in the hostel at exactly 6. Of course, Yaa was not there yet. I figured she wouldn't be but I'd rather be on time and wait than too late.

Yaa showed up at 6:25. She invited me into her store and informed me that due to the bad weather, the seamstress wasn't able to make it and I should stop by after my classes. I left my fabric at the store and grabbed a taxi back to my room. There I slept another 1.5 hours before heading to the hospital for rounds.

I was sort of dreading them because they had been so long last week. This week seemed to be the mega grand rounds since it seemed every doctor I knew was there. Today was a lot warmer again as well so I was sweating like crazy. The standing was still annoying but not as bad as last week. Only 5 Students were there besides me. Dr. Damale took notice and asked for a list of the names of the students missing. He is having them report to him next week a few hours before the written exam. Awesome. I'm sure they are going to feel really good after that. I think it's funny how teachers like to point out how people are missing and how those missing are slackers and ask where they are asking the non slackers and present. Don't be mad at us.

Dr. Damale released us at 12 while we saw the last patient. Nothing interesting to report on the patients we saw. I went to the NICU to check on my little guy. The doctor that had eventually helped me on Wednesday night was there again. She informed me that the little guy had a seizure during the night but was doing good today. He is also the only one that really makes noises of all the babies. The other ones just kind of lie there. He will stay there over the weekend and I'll check on him Monday.

After all that, it was off to MedDiner for some white rice and plantains. Pablo came by and we headed over to Yaa's together. She told us to come back at 2.....he and I decided that meant 2:30.

We finished watching the movie from last night at his place before heading back to Yaa's. I figured the seamstress was coming to her. I was wrong. Yaa closed up her shop and told me to follow her. We headed to the main street and grabbed a trotro. After a few minutes driving, we got out and walked a bit. Eventually we came to a house where two ladies and a little boy were. Yaa introduced her as her sister...but I don't think they are actually related. The seamstress took my measurements and we discussed my sketches I had drawn up for her. Her little son was adorable. The mom took his hand and told him to say hi to aunty. I thought she meant Yaa but then she guided him to me. He shook my hand and quickly ran off again.

After discussing all the necessary details for the dress, Yaa and I headed back to the campus. I went over to Pablo's since he still had my bag and then he dropped me off at my hostel before he headed to work.

My roommate wants to take me to church on Sunday.......7am to like 11......this should be interesting. I've always wanted to go to a gospel church.....I just hope they don't quiz me on anything.

About to take a nap and then see if Nana (wife of my dad's colleague) calls to plan something for the night, otherwise I will do something with Pablo and maybe David.

Today was definitely a hot day again. 33 degrees Celsius/ 91 degrees Fahrenheit. Perfect weather for a beach outing that I hope to happen this weekend.

I forgot a detail in my baby rescue story. When we arrived on NICU, the nurse asked me for the baby's APGAR score. That score had always been a bit of a pain for me in my rotation because I never completely studied it. Well great. Thank god for the Internet and Siri. I thought it was crazy though that I was asked to give the baby an APGAR score. Just thought I'd share that. My fellow students in Germany might understand.

Well, I'll be sure to report of what I did tonight tomorrow. Have a good weekend everybody!

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