Monday, March 31, 2014

Sure is hot out here.....well no, it's actually raining which means I get nothing done apparently.

Well, what a productive day......NOT.

The day started off with pouring rain. So heavy that even if I had an umbrella, walking would not have been an option. I wanted to be in the gynecology clinic by 9:30. Since today was the start of my solo trip without the students, I wasn't sure if it was that productive to be there that early since I'd be waiting for the consultants. Nature took care of that worrying for me since I really couldn't leave the hostel until about 9:45. In the mean time, Joy gave me a mini lecture about personalities and how you have to know yourself before you can find the person you want to be with. I sometimes feel like the world is playing one big match maker in my life. But its with good intentions so its fine.

That's a lie... it's raining lions and elephants.
I walked a bit before a taxi came by that I had drop me off at the surgical department. I only had 10 Cedis and told him 3. He only had 5 cedis change (mmmmhmmm....I'm sure there were some 1 Cedis bills in his pocket he was hiding). He said he drives the same route everyday and sees me and will take me to the campus again for the 2 Cedis. Yea sure, I'll believe it when it happens.

Of course, none of the consultants were there....they weren't there for the next 2.5 hours either. I sat there and waited, chatting with friends around the world and reading my lecture script from back home. The nurses asked where my fellow students were and I informed them they had exams this week and that I was on my own. I didn't really see the sense of me being in the clinic beyond sitting next to the doctor and listening. Most of the patients here were not proficient in English, so I wouldn't have been able to take a good detailed history in the first place. At 11 it was announced that Dr. Damale would be there by 12. At 12:10 I told the nurses I was heading to the NICU if anyone was looking for me. I doubt it.
Oh How I love wasting time

At NICU, I visited my little guy. Still alive! He had another seizure over the weekend. He wasn't as active as he was Friday and looked to be having either little seizures or was shivering. I asked the attending doctor how the weekend was. She said it must have been fine since nothing was reported to her. I don't give much value to that statement since I think the general level of "fine" here and my standard of it are worlds apart. But he is alive and that is most important to me right now. The doctor couldn't tell me if the mother had seen him yet or not.

Afterwards, I headed to MedDiner to meet up with Felix, the German. We had lunch and chatted about past experiences. He moved off campus so he grabbed a trotro there and I walked home buying some fresh fruit along the way.

Back in my room, Joy had a few girls visiting her. They fairly quickly left though. Joy gave me her hard drive so I could watch a movie. Now I am just sort of waiting to see what the plans are tonight. Nana wanted to get in touch and perhaps go out and Pablo already asked me through Felix what we are up to. I'm sure something will come about.

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