Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sure is hot out here........Happy Sunday!

Hello everyone! Happy Sunday!

Sorry this weekend hasn't been that interesting to report on. I can't complain about some of the rest I am getting but I would have liked to do something a bit more exciting but don't have the travel buddies yet and had some people to meet.

As you know, my roommate wanted to take me to church this morning. I was told we were leaving at 6:50. I couldn't really sleep after 6:10 due to noise. Joy and I were ready to go by 6:50 but the other girls coming with us weren't. We didn't leave the hostel until 7:20. All five of us jumped into one cab which took us to the church. We probably would have been quicker walking because the taxi had to drive around the Korle Bu enclosure to get to an entrance to then drive us to the church in the compound.

The service had started at 7. We got there just in time for "bread" and "wine". I had expected a lot more gospel but it was a fairly standard service. At one point, any new visitors were asked to stand up. So I had to stand. People shook my hand and an usher handed me a piece of paper with info about the church and a form to fill out. At about 9 the first service was done. In the break, multiple people came to Joy and I to welcome us to the church and ask what we were doing in Korle Bu.

We only stayed for about 10 minutes of the second service because Joy wanted me to experience the more dancing, singing, gospely stuff. They didn't get too crazy unfortunately. After that, we left the service and grabbed some food to take home.

Since then, all I've been doing is napping, watching New Girl and How I Met Your Mother, downloading info for the USMLE Step 2 (ugh) and reading a bit in my mom's Ghana travel guide in the hope of planning something for the next weekend. I can't really get any work done though because I feel so lazy. I think I'm just trying to recover from all the interrupted sleep from the last two weeks.

Tonight, I will most likely meet up with Sandra and Nana if they have time after their family meetings and appointments. If not, you know I have my back up plan with the boys. I'll let you know what went down tomorrow!


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