Saturday, March 29, 2014

Sure is hot out here....Happy Birthday Uncle Dirk!

So, Pablo picked me up after work last night. I really didn't pack clothes to go clubbing....I didn't know I would be. But I'm actually okay with that because I don't need to make myself any more noticeable than my skin color already makes me :)

I made spaghetti at his place and had some good ole spaghetti with ketchup! Yum! I just needed something familiar for my stomach once. We watched Hangover III and then took a 1.5 hour nap on the couches before we went out.

We went to two clubs.

First up was Bella Roma: The interior was simple but club like and the music was actually really good. I haven't really gone clubbing to music other than rap/hip hop/R&B which is my favorite kind of music to party I had to get used to pop/club/house again. They played some really good songs though and threw in a song from a Ghanaian artist here and there. The club continued to fill up. I'm happy I didn't wear heals, for various reasons. The streets aren't really made for heals, it's comfier in flats and even in flats, I am still taller than 97% of the population here, so heals.....not that practical.

The second club, whos name I forgot, something with Divine maybe....its interior design was even closer to European clubs but the music was a lot more Ghanaian heavy. I was really missing my hip hop lol. Although it is fun dancing to Ghanaian music as well. At around 3 I wanted to go to bed. I figured sleeping in wasn't really going to be an option so I at least wanted to get a few hours in.

My fears were confirmed. I was in bed by 3:30 and was up at 7 for the first time since my whole hostel seemed to be awake, yelling, running around, my roommate doing laundry and cleaning. I threw on my eye mask and tried to get a few more hours in. I was not all too successful.

I decided to take it easy today. Get some work done, do some laundry, try to get in contact with my family in Germany. It's my uncles birthday today, so shout out to my uncle! Happy Birthday Dirk!

I used some Internet credit to catch up on my Glee episodes. Joy, my roommate, asked me if I wanted to take a stroll. We headed out and grabbed a taxi to the campus gate. Joy needed some things from the pharmacy and I had to grab some groceries. It's kind of fun hanging out with her. I think she sort of feels like my mom sometimes and I am okay with that. :)

Sandra picked me up and took me out for a drink and some food by the ocean. Afterwards she dropped me off at Pablo's where I met Felix, a German that arrived yesterday. We all watched 300 with David and then I came home. It's off to bed now, church at 7 o_o

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