Monday, March 24, 2014

Sure is hot out here.....less today but with more fabric and black power

It rained this morning! A lot! I was excited because I knew this meant it wouldn't get too hot and the smog would be cleared a bit in the city air. It had stopped by the time I left for class and it was quite enjoyable. I saw kids wearing sweaters...

I was in the gynecology clinic by 9:25 with it all beginning at 9:30. Well maybe in Germany it would, the first student came at about 9:45 and it was a slow coming in of the others until about an hour later. The patient being interviewed spoke no English. I sat there anyways and listened in while making a list of things to do in my moleskin and thinking of sketches for the dresses I want to have sewn for me.

We started presenting our patient to Dr.Damale at around 11. He does a great job at teaching. The presentation was given and then turned into a full blown seminar about infertility. I assume the patient was bored out of her mind and I guess that all could have happened without her present but of course she didn't say a word. 

The second patient was presented to a different doctor. This presentation went quicker due to the fact that it was almost 2pm. My legs felt so heavy and I couldn't really sit comfortably. I don't have muscle aches yet from yesterday but they are sure to come tomorrow.

At 2, I headed to MedDiner for some plantains and rice. Maria and I then went to the Kaneshie market to go fabric shopping. I really could have gotten everything else imaginable along the way. We took a trotro to the market. The place was just full of vendors selling everything. The fabric market was in what appears to be an old factory. A lot of them sold the same fabric which makes me question the origin but the patterns are more African here than in Germany. I limited myself to three this time around. I also picked up some detergent, flip flops and a mug along the way.

Afterwards, Maria and I grabbed the same trotro back to Korle Bu and from there grabbed a taxi to the art market. Since it was already 5, it was beginning to dim. The stores had little windows in their ceiling which usually provided enough light. At this time we were basically running through dark stores using our cell phones for light. Maria still had to grab a few souvenirs for friends back home. We were approached by almost every vendor. Amongst them was a rasta man who did carvings. My dad had seen my post and asked if I had boughten the penis bottle opener. I truly had regretted it so he encouraged me to get one and one for him! I knew he would understand my humor. So the rasta man showed us all the carvings including black penis bottle openers. Of course this time I bought them and an Ashanti mask to one day hang in my big apartment. (So typical African tourist but also cool). I was told the penises are standard Ghanaian size and are called black power....

We both needed to get money from the ATM because we didn't bring enough along to pay him. Kombolo, our rasta man friend, walked with us to the ATM. We stopped at 3 places since the first bank had no working ATMs, the second wouldn't work with our cards and the third finally being a success. Maria and I jumped into a taxi back to Korle Bu. Since it is Maria and Radu's last night here, we are all going out to eat.

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