Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Sure is hot out here....seriously. Ghana Day 2

(Heads up, I'll post pictures tomorrow, forgot my cord in the hostel)

I seriously can't stop sweating! These 30 degrees Celsius (86 degrees Fahrenheit) are definitely something I have to get used to. I started my day with a big to-do list. I was still running around with little to no cash. I had about 15 cedis (about 6 dollars) to last me until I got my pin for my card. I didn't have a given time when I had to be at the university. I knew the students had to be in the OR by 9. A doctor had told me yesterday that the morning meetings are at 7:30 but I didn't know if that was every day or not. I decided I really had to get everything else taken care of today so that I could stop worrying about it and focus on working.

I headed to the building with the internet first to check my messages. I proceeded to the OBGYN office because I was in search of a doctor that my dad's colleague had told me to talk to. I was directed to the reproductive health services building. I was asked to wait in the waiting room. I'm not a huge fan of just sitting around because it makes me extremely sleepy. Eventually, I was asked to come out of the waiting room. I was introduced to the doctor and he took me into his office. I informed him that I was with Group D (He is part of group B) and that I needed scrubs in order to work in the OR. His nurses brought me some. I think they might be a bit short but I'm just happy to have some. We chatted a bit about what I expected to do while I was here. I decided I would follow the students of Group D for the next two weeks while they were still on their OBGYN rotation and then hop around a bit. He offered me the opportunity to come and work with him a few days as well. I asked him if he thought it would be alright if I spent the day getting everything in order. He assumed that would be no problem at all and wrote down the names of the doctors in my group. I thanked him for his help and headed over to the surgery block. My orientation is improving by the hour.

Once in the OBGYN operation theater building, I looked for a person who might help me locate one of the doctors on my list. When someone in scrubs finally emerged, I seized the oppurtunity and asked him. Funny enough, the leading consultant of my group happened to just walk in. I intorduced myself and asked if it would be okay if I spent the day getting my things in order. He was completely ok with it and told me to meet up with the group tomorrow for the delivery room....at 9:30. How relaxed is that?!

My friend had found one pin for me but for a card I was hoping was back at the hostel. I really couldn't do much else without money, so I walked back to the hostel. Its about 20 minutes either way. It was getting really hot too and my water supply was dwindling. Back at the hostel, the porter took me to introduce me to the warden. She was a very lovely lady that welcomed me to Ghana and thanked me for my interest in her country. Lucky for me, the card that I still had in my room, did in fact match the pin my friend sent me! I took a 5 minute break to cool off and was back on the road back into the town/university area.

First stop was paying for the hostel in the admissions building because I was afraid they would be closed otherwise. I paid my month fee in US Dollars which I had brought along. Next stop was the bank terminals. Its a big glass box with multiple stalls and ATM machines from different banks. I was so happy when I was able to hold Ghana Cedis in my hand. With cash in my wallet, I was able to get my receipt photocopied for the warden, buy some juice, buy towels and toilette paper and even bought an avocado and papaya to take back to the hostel. The best purchase (aside from the toilette paper) was the fresh coconut! It was only 1 Cedi!! That is only 38 US cents!! The coconut water is so delicious! after drinking the water, they machete the rest of it open and remove the meat for you to take with you. I could have a fresh coconut to drink every morning :)

Having completed all the important things on my list, I headed back to the internet building but unfortunately, the internet wasn't connecting. I had been running errands non stop and it was only noon! I headed back to the hostel for some rest. Hung out, ate and partially napped a bit before heading back into town. I wanted to see if the internet was working. And it was, otherwise this post never would have made it up.

The walk over here was so much fun. The kids were coming out of school. I am an exotic being for them. They will wave and shout hello from their cars or even if they are just walking far away. It is the cutest thing. I walked past two schools and each time I was held up by a huge group of kids that wanted to shake my hand, talk to me, ask how I am doing, where I come from. I asked them how school was, if they had learned anything and if they had plans for when they get home. Seriously the cutest things. They all just look at me with big eyes. Kids would even shout over to me if I was on the other side of the road. Precious. I think me and the kids will have to hang out more.

The kids weren't the only thing accompanying my journey. The taxi drivers were beeping at me constantly. They would honk more intensely at me than the others. Thank you, but I enjoy walking. I am the daughter of my mother, we are walkers.

With basically everything in order, I will be able to join Group D tomorrow and start seeing babies be delivered. Speaking of babies...I LOVE the way the mothers here carry their children. Fun fact: countries like Ghana that still carry their children have a lower rate of hip dysplasia. (have to keep this a bit medical)

Hopefully I'll have cool stories to report tomorrow!

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